Chapter 1224 The Final Result of the Preliminaries

Chapter 1224 – The Final Result of the Preliminaries

The red-furred monster had given Lin Ming a great deal of useful information.

Besides the existence of Soul World, Lin Ming also found some memories of cultivation methods from Soul World, in other words, soul system cultivation methods.

However, because the red-furred monster wasn’t a human, or perhaps because of the difference in Laws, Lin Ming was unable to directly train in these types of cultivation methods. Instead, he could only use his comprehension of these cultivation methods combined with his understandings of the Divine Dream Law to glean some useful things.

For several days, Lin Ming was closed up in this distant valley. Several small beast tides passed over the skies of Lin Ming’s hidden seclusion spot, but none of them were able to see past his concealing array formations.

After digesting the red-furred monster’s cultivation methods, Lin Ming still didn’t leave. Instead, he continued to perceive the Divine Dream Law and form the fifth divine dream mark.

There was still a great deal of divine dream energy left within his body.

Like this, time slowly passed, day after day. Within the Divine Dream World’s 3000 great worlds, constant slaughtering and massacring was taking place without end.

Never ending waves of beast tides, all cities trampled over, and participants being eaten up as food by the countless nightmare beasts…

Participants not only fought nightmare beasts but they also had to fight each other. At every second of the day, countless people were being killed.

For the first two rounds, the participants would revive in the city. But now, they would randomly revive in some location in the wilds. If their luck was bad, they might even directly revive into the midst of a beast tide and immediately die again.

Thus, the price of death was extremely high!

There was no space for the weak to live. It was kill or be killed.

And these so-called weak participants were in truth extraordinary elites of ordinary Holy Lands. But there, they didn’t even have the strength to resist their doom.


A blue light cut through the skies, seeming to rip apart space. A black-clothed youth grasped the Dragon Fang Blade, his shoulders stained with blood.

Behind him, a 20 foot tall humanoid vicious beast toppled to the ground with a loud thud, its blood pooling all around it.

This vicious beast was a sovereign of Lightmend World’s mutated nightmare beasts. Even the third ranked master of Lightmend World had died to this beast.

And now, this beast was instead slain by the black-clothed youth.

This black-clothed youth was Dragon Fang.

Before the second round of eliminations ended he had cut down a super mutated nightmare beast at the True Martial Great World and obtained a transmission token from its body. He discovered that with this transmission token, he was actually able to travel to other great worlds!

Without a doubt, all of the peak disciples of the various great worlds throughout the Divine Realm had obtained such a token, otherwise it was impossible for them to gather such a high number of merit points.

Only by constantly travelling between these 3000 great worlds and slaying the top existences of those worlds could one obtain so many merit points. This even included cutting down the top 100 ranked monstrous geniuses of the Divine Seal Decree.

Thus, when the third round of eliminations began, Dragon Fang had already left True Martial World to go to other great worlds, looking to battle other peak masters.

What Dragon Fang cared about was not merit points but a worthy opponent that he could fight to the death.

Battle – this was the reason for Dragon Fang’s existence. The reason he joined the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting was to search for stronger opponents and raise his own strength.

After obtaining this transmission token, Dragon Fang’s merit points grew at a ridiculous pace.

Just after the third round of eliminations began he had been briefly surpassed by Lin Ming. But afterwards, his merit points quickly returned to the number one position of the True Martial Great World and continued to climb further and further ahead.

Within a month, he had killed his way into the top 500 rankings of the Divine Seal Decree. Then the top 300, the top 200, all the way until the top 100!

When Dragon Fang entered the top 100 rankings, this caused the entire True Martial World to bubble over with excitement!

True Martial World was only a second-order world: it was far from being comparable to a first-order world. But even so, there was now someone from True Martial World that was able to enter the top 100 rankings. This was truly a legend!

The top 1000 rankings was a completely new boundary, but at the same time the top 100 rankings were also a new boundary.

After entering the top 1000 rankings, it was nearly assured that one would become a half-step World King.

But by entering the top 100 rankings, there was a ray of hope that one would become a true World King!

As long as one could meet another lucky chance in the Divine Transformation realm, becoming a World King wasn’t a dream!

Dragon Fang’s ranking was one of the focal points of the entire Divine Realm. Even Vast Universe Heavenly Palace’s chief disciple, Vast Cosmos, had noticed Dragon Fang. This was because Dragon Fang did not list his own background. To be in the top 100 rankings of the Divine Seal Decree without a known origin, that was an extremely rare occurrence.

“Dragon Fang has already reached rank 97, a double digit ranking! How terrifying! When did such a peak genius appear from my True Martial Great World? Hurry up and investigate just where this Dragon Fang came from!”

Within the True Martial Holy Lands, the True Martial World King personally issued an order. He felt that Dragon Fang’s true strength had not yet reached its limit!

Dragon Fang’s appearance overshadowed all other geniuses of True Martial World, including even Lin Ming.

In fact, besides Lin Ming making a brief appearance in the top 1000 rankings of the Divine Seal Decree just when the third round of eliminations began, he hadn’t done much at all. His ranking soon began to drop down.

During the third round of eliminations, the merit points of the nightmare beasts increased once more. After Lin Ming entered seclusion, his ranking naturally started to drop.

Dragon Fang and Wu Finalcloud eventually both surpassed him.

He had fallen back to being the fourth ranked participant of True Martial World, and his position also fell down to 8000-9000 on the Divine Seal Decree.

Although many people were well aware that Lin Ming’s true strength was far beyond this, Lin Ming’s best result was still a far cry from Dragon Fang’s rank 97.

With Dragon Fang, Lin Ming’s limelight naturally dimmed down a great deal.

And besides Dragon Fang, there were also some dazzling existences on the Divine Seal Decree.

One of which was Skydark Holy Lands’ Nether Limitless.

This youth wore black clothes and his face was pallid. Just casually glancing at him, he appeared a bit weak and frail. But, the truth was that his strength was incomparably horrifying.

His weapon was a long and slender katana. It was four feet long and very thin.

In this half year, the number of participants and nightmare beasts that had died underneath this blade was countless.

Nether Limitless also had a token that allowed him to travel between great worlds. Many masters of various great worlds had died underneath his blade, becoming a stepping stone for his ascension!

“I have no idea how far I am from my true goal, the top 10…” Nether Limitless quietly wiped off blood from his katana. The participants in the Divine Dream World could only look up their own ranking within the great world they had registered on, and weren’t able to look up the total ranking of the Divine Realm.

Nether Limitless put away his katana. Scattered all around him were corpses of dozens of participants. The corpses were neatly sliced apart several times. Underneath his blade, no one was able to keep their body intact.

These corpses soon vanished, turning into dreamland energy that was represented by merit points which then entered his body.

These had all been disciples of this great world’s Great World King Holy Land. But now, all of them had been cut down by Nether Limitless.

“These fellows have far too few merit points.”

Nether Limitless shook his head, stepping over the pools of blood on the ground to leave.

“I have to kill even stronger powerhouses. Only with their corpses can I pave the road to becoming a king. This First Martial Meeting is my greatest chance. I have to display the height of my potential to grab the attention of Empyrean Demondawn.”

Before Nether Limitless joined the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, Tian Mingzi had warned him not to hold back anything in this First Martial Meeting. He had to put forth his full and complete effort and try to rise as high as he could so that Empyrean Demondawn might notice him. If he could grab the attention of Empyrean Demondawn, there was a chance that he would be allowed to enter Demondawn Heavenly Palace and inherit the transcendent divine might there.

This was Nether Limitless’s greatest opportunity. He wanted to become a Great World King in the future. With the support of an Empyrean level influence, then even if he didn’t have the guidance of an Empyrean, just the guidance of an Empyrean’s disciple would make his road that much easier.

Nether Limitless’s ranking on the Divine Seal Decree was still 18 as before. If the Empyrean descendants weren’t considered in the rankings, he would be at rank 15.

As for the top master of the Divine Seal Decree, that was still Xiao Moxian. After eight months of time, her merit points had finally broken past a billion!

And behind her, the second ranked participant’s merit points were only at 890 million.

Without a doubt, Xiao Moxian was the most dazzling existence of this Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, second to none!

There was no one able to approach her glory.

This situation continued all the way to the ninth month. The third and final round of eliminations for the First Martial Meeting preliminaries was rapidly approaching!

In the final several days, the slaughter became even wilder and crazier. The participants seemed to turn insane, rushing into the seas of nightmare beasts without fear of death.

The hunting between participants also became rabid and savage.

Everyone wished to pass these preliminaries and soar into the heavens!

If one could pass the preliminaries and was a genius from a Holy Land, their achievements would bring great glory and pride to their sect. Once they returned, they would receive generous rewards.

And if it were a wandering martial artist, there was no need to mention how they would benefit. Through these preliminaries they would enter into the eyes of the countless influences paying attention to the First Martial Meeting and they would all be fought over. They would be able to enjoy many resources and their cultivation roads would become smooth and easy!

However, no matter how they slaughtered, for the vast majority of them their efforts came to nothing. They were simply unable to change their fates. This was because in the last round of eliminations, the number of people being eliminated was far too terrifying.

Only one out of every 10,000 would make it!

That meant that in a great world, there would only be several thousand people remaining!

From a beginning of several trillion participants in a great world, they were constantly eliminated until only several thousand people were left over. In the preliminaries, only one out of every billion would pass. This was an elimination rate that sent one to the brink of despair.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

In the cities, in the wild, at the moment that the preliminaries ended, countless martial artists in the Divine Dream World exploded into motes of starlight that faded away.

In the various great worlds of the Divine Realm, there were some smaller cities that didn’t have a single passing participant; no one managed to qualify past the preliminaries! Only in the largest cities of these great worlds would one find a good number of martial artists that had passed.

For a first-order world like Vast Universe World, because of the pure number of participants, there were nearly 10,000 martial artists that had passed.

But as for third-order words like Atlas World and Crimson Light World, they only had 1000-2000 martial artists passing.

Even for peak Holy Lands like the Ancient Phoenix Clan and the Ancient Dragon Clan, they only had single digits of disciples that passed the preliminaries.

This was considered quite a good result. There were many lower level Holy Lands that had to bow their heads in shame.


After Yan Littlemoon passed the preliminaries, she was shot out from the Divine Dream World. Her final ranking was 96th of Crimson Light World. She had just managed to enter the top 100 rankings of a great world.

However, Yan Littlemoon was still dissatisfied with this ranking.

“Haha, Littlemoon, you’ve come out, good job!” Huo Violentstone walked up to receive her, his face full of smiles.

Yan Littlemoon froze for a moment. This Highest Elder was always very strict towards her and had very high requirements. How come his mood was so good today?

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