Chapter 1224 – The Final Result of the Preliminaries

Chapter 1224 – The Final Result of the Preliminaries

The red-furred monster had given Lin Ming a great deal of useful information.

Besides the existence of Soul World, Lin Ming also found some memories of cultivation methods from Soul World, in other words, soul system cultivation methods.

However, because the red-furred monster wasn’t a human, or perhaps because of the difference in Laws, Lin Ming was unable to directly train in these types of cultivation methods. Instead, he could only use his comprehension of these cultivation methods combined with his understandings of the Divine Dream Law to glean some useful things.

For several days, Lin Ming was closed up in this distant valley. Several small beast tides passed over the skies of Lin Ming’s hidden seclusion spot, but none of them were able to see past his concealing array formations.

After digesting the red-furred monster’s cultivation methods, Lin Ming still didn’t leave. Instead, he continued to perceive the Divine Dream Law and form the fifth divine dream mark.

There was still a great deal of divine dream energy left within his body.

Like this, time slowly passed, day after day. Within the Divine Dream World’s 3000 great worlds, constant slaughtering and massacring was taking place without end.

Never ending waves of beast tides, all cities trampled over,...

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