Chapter 1223 – Tian Mingzi

Chapter 1223 – Tian Mingzi

Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds, Vast Universe World –

Although the 3000 great worlds of the Divine Realm were grouped together, the truth was that they vastly differed in size and number of masters present.

Vast Universe World was one of the top 10 ranked great worlds. In terms of area, it was over 20 times larger than the Crimson Light World that the Ancient Phoenix Headquarters was located on. Compared to the True Martial World, it was still seven or eight times larger. The number of masters present was incomparable with the lower ranked great worlds.

The highest ranked great worlds all had a title, and that was a first-order world. Out of the 3000 great worlds, only 100 of them were considered first-order worlds.

A world like the True Martial World was a great world only inferior to first-order worlds. They were called second-order worlds and there were several hundred of them.

As for the Crimson Light World and Atlas World, they were considered third-order worlds. There was the greatest number of third-order worlds, over 2000 of them.

Not only were the first-order worlds larger but there were far more masters present on them. Moreover, many first-order worlds were occupied by Empyreans! This was one of the implicit assessment marks of a first-order world.

On the Divine Seal...

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