Chapter 1223 Tian Mingzi

Chapter 1223 – Tian Mingzi

Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds, Vast Universe World –

Although the 3000 great worlds of the Divine Realm were grouped together, the truth was that they vastly differed in size and number of masters present.

Vast Universe World was one of the top 10 ranked great worlds. In terms of area, it was over 20 times larger than the Crimson Light World that the Ancient Phoenix Headquarters was located on. Compared to the True Martial World, it was still seven or eight times larger. The number of masters present was incomparable with the lower ranked great worlds.

The highest ranked great worlds all had a title, and that was a first-order world. Out of the 3000 great worlds, only 100 of them were considered first-order worlds.

A world like the True Martial World was a great world only inferior to first-order worlds. They were called second-order worlds and there were several hundred of them.

As for the Crimson Light World and Atlas World, they were considered third-order worlds. There was the greatest number of third-order worlds, over 2000 of them.

Not only were the first-order worlds larger but there were far more masters present on them. Moreover, many first-order worlds were occupied by Empyreans! This was one of the implicit assessment marks of a first-order world.

On the Divine Seal Decree, the highest ranked participants were mostly from these first-order worlds.

The most sacred land of the Vast Universe World was also where Empyrean Vast Universe’s Holy Palace was located – the center of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace.

At this time, within a grand hall of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, there was a group of people gathered. These people all had an unfathomably deep cultivation. But at this time, within Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, all of them were restraining their aura as much as possible, resembling nothing but ordinary people.

Within Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, unless one was an Empyrean, all other characters, no matter how famous or honorable they were, had to humble themselves.

In this group of people, there was a tall and sturdy man wearing a spacious robe with a square face and round ears. He sat in the seat of honor and was lifting a cup of wine. He laughed as he said, “The several top ranked participants are really all Empyrean descendants. However, Grand Universe World King, your Grand Universe Holy Land is doing quite well. Since the Empyrean descendants aren’t counted, one of the top ranked participants comes from your Grand Universe Holy Land.”

The Grand Universe World King was the Great World King of Vast Universe World. However, because of the unstated taboo of having a name similar to Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, they certainly couldn’t name themselves the Vast Universe Holy Lands. Thus, their name instead was the Grand Universe Holy Lands. Correspondingly, the Great World King of Vast Universe World was also called the Grand Universe World King.

“Haha, Lord Envoy, I truly cannot withstand such high praise. My Grand Universe Holy Lands only has a single person that has barely managed to reach rank 12 on the Divine Seal Decree. Even if the Empyrean descendants aren’t considered, Bo’er is just chasing the tail of the top 10 rankings. All of my other disciples have met defeat!”

At a seat just to the side of the tall and sturdy man, a hearty-looking blue-clothed old man stroked his beard as he spoke in a modest tone. Even so, he couldn’t conceal the smile in his words. It was clear that he was satisfied that one of the disciples from his Grand Universe Holy Lands was almost in the top 10 ranks.

“Virtuous Nephew Yuwen Bo has considerable hopes of entering the top 10 ranks of the First Martial Meeting. If he does, then he’ll likely come to Vast Universe Heavenly Palace.” The tall and sturdy man chuckled.

“Haha, I don’t dare to hope for him to enter the top 10. But, if there really is such hope, then I humbly request that Lord Envoy looks after him at that time.”

As the blue-clothed old man spoke to here, he respectfully cupped his hands across his chest.

This tall and sturdy robed man was Empyrean Vast Universe’s chief disciple and the first lord envoy of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. His name was Vast Cosmos.

To be able to be named after Vast Universe Heavenly Palace and also be named Cosmos, one could infer his status.

The so-called chief disciple of Empyrean Vast Universe was not like Wu Finalcloud, who was merely a chief disciple of a single generation. Rather, Vast Cosmos was the disciple that had attained the highest achievements ever since the founding of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace.

In fact, Vast Cosmos had long since reached the boundary of a half-step Empyrean!

Although a half-step Empyrean was extremely far from being comparable with a true Empyrean, it was still a boundary vastly superior to a Great World King.

In addition, Vast Cosmos had the special distinction of being able to personally represent Empyrean Vast Universe. Vast Cosmos’s status far surpassed that of a Great World King. Even if it were the Great World King of a first-order world, they would still have to be respectful towards him.

And in this First Martial Meeting, the top 10 ranking disciples would obtain a special reward – to enter Vast Universe Heavenly Palace and also be able to receive the personal guidance of Empyrean Vast Universe’s chief disciple.

This chief disciple was naturally Vast Cosmos.

Vast Cosmos laughed and said, “Grand Universe World King is too modest. Although it was said that the top 10 may enter Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, the true Empyrean descendants, even if they were in the top 10, definitely wouldn’t take a liking to a humble and common teacher like myself, and they certainly wouldn’t come to Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. At that time, if Nephew Yuwen can achieve a position near the top 10 he can certainly enter Vast Universe Heavenly Palace.”

Hearing Vast Cosmos say this, the Grand Universe World King was overjoyed and repeatedly expressed his thanks. If one could enter Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, then even if they couldn’t learn a transcendent divine might they could still learn the self-created martial arts of Empyrean Vast Universe. If those martial arts were placed in the Grand Universe Holy Lands, they would definitely be the highest level of martial arts.

“This First Martial Meeting is unprecedented in its magnificence and grandeur. It is far more marvelous and ambitious than the last several dozens of First Martial Meetings. This time, it could truly be said that there are countless talents gushing forth. Also, Tian Mingzi, your Skydark Holy Lands has a disciple that has reached rank 15 on the Divine Seal Decree. Is that little fellow your direct descendant? If I remember, his name was Nether Limitless, right?”

Vast Cosmos asked a black-clothed man who was sitting on another side of the hall.

This black-clothed man was handsome and elegant, looking no more than 20 years old. His arms were laid calmly on his knees. His palms were clear and fair, his 10 fingers were slender and beautiful, and his eyes had blood red pupils, making him seem a bit fiendish.

This man was Mo Eversnow’s absolutely irreconcilable blood enemy and also the chief culprit that caused the destruction of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands – Tian Mingzi.

In the past when Tian Mingzi annihilated the Verdant Feather Holy Lands he had been a World King. Now, 50,000 years later, his cultivation had reached an even more terrifying boundary.

The black-clothed man faintly smiled and eloquently said, “I didn’t expect Lord Envoy to remember Limitless’s name. I must thank Lord Envoy for the wonderful praise.”

“Haha, Tian Mingzi, there is no need to be so polite. Haven’t you just passed 100,000 years in age? You became a World King only tens of thousands of years ago and now you are already a Great World King. Moreover, you preside over the first-order world of Demondawn Great World. In the future it wouldn’t be strange if you were to become a half-step Empyrean. This sort of talent is truly deserving of envy.”

Vast Cosmos bluntly said as he laughed.

As he spoke, this roused a round of discussion amongst everyone else in the hall.

“That’s right, Skydark World King only established the Skydark Holy Lands 50,000 years ago and yet you have progress that one can truly be proud of. Old me can only be ashamed of my own inferiority. My Grand Universe Holy Lands have existence for over 7 million years and now you’ve nearly reached the same level!”

The Grand Universe World King smiled as he tossed out some more praise.

“That’s right, Skydark World King is the youngest among us yet his strength has faintly risen above ours. I think he will surely become a half-step Empyrean in the future.”

“Haha, even Tian Mingzi’s direct descendant Nephew Nether Limitless is also extraordinary. I think there is an extremely high possibility that he will become a World King in the future!”

Of those sitting in this hall, the ones with the lowest status were ordinary World Kings and there were even many Great World Kings of second-order and first-order worlds. These were all characters with extremely lofty statuses, and yet all of them were praising Tian Mingzi. From this alone, one could see just how prominent his reputation was.

For the last 100,000 years, out of all those that had become Great World Kings, he was the youngest.

From the time he founded the Skydark Holy Lands, it had only taken him 50,000 years to develop it to such a giant scale. Moreover, rumors said that he had obtained the appreciation of Demondawn Great World’s true overlord – Empyrean Demondawn. If such a character favored him then Tian Mingzi’s future prospects could be imagined.

He even had a slight ray of hope of becoming an Empyrean in the future. Just what sort of concept was an Empyrean? In the entire Divine Realm, an Empyrean was born only every million years or so. This was a level of existence that a World King could never compare with.

To this sort of character, even if they couldn’t form good relations with him, they at least shouldn’t offend him.

Tian Mingzi smiled as he said, “Everyone, I can hardly accept all this praise. I am merely a junior in this prestigious gathering, and I still have a long road ahead of me in the future. I will have to ask all the seniors here to look after me. As for Limitless, he has only made a tiny bit of progress, nothing worthy of complimenting at all. Compared to Fairy Maiden Xiao Moxian from Demondawn Heavenly Palace, there simply isn’t any comparison at all.”

Tian Mingzi’s great world was exactly Demondawn Great World. The Holy Land he established naturally couldn’t have the name of Demondawn, thus he came up with his own name for it.


As all of this was happening in Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, Lin Ming was still in the Divine Dream World, sifting through the memories of the red-furred monster. He had been doing this for the last three days.

The new information he discovered left him incomparably shocked.

The memories of the red-furred monster were filled with all sorts of strange and mystical images. As these images combined together, Lin Ming was able to extrapolate that the red-furred monster came from a different realm. This different realm was called Soul World by the red-furred monster.

In Soul World, all lives there were soul life forms!

As for the red-furred monster, it was also a soul life form. Its appearance within the Divine Dream World was its soul form.

Soul World was not one of the Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds. Soul World was broad, boundless, nearly infinite in its area, far greater than any great world of the Divine Realm! It seemed as if it were a completely independent dimension outside of the Divine Realm!

“There is actually such a place in this universe? Is it a divergent mystic realm?”

Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath, feeling greatly shocked. He originally thought that the Divine Realm was the entirety of the universe, but now it seemed as if this might not be true.

If Soul World was a divergent mystic realm, then the vastness of these divergent mystic realms far surpassed Lin Ming’s imagination.

In the red-furred monster’s memory, Lin Ming saw that Empyrean Divine Dream had once been to Soul World!

This matter was already from an extremely long time ago. At that time, Empyrean Divine Dream’s cultivation had been very low.

The red-furred monster, as well as numerous other soul beasts from Soul World, had tried to attack Empyrean Divine Dream. However, she had ended up completely demolishing all of them.

But Empyrean Divine Dream did not kill them. Rather, she locked them all into the Divine Dream World, and the Divine Dream World had become their prison.

As Lin Ming learned all of this, he was lost in thought for some time. He guessed that Soul World was a divergent mystic realm of some sort, and when Empyrean Divine Dream’s cultivation was extremely low in the past, she likely entered this divergent mystic realm to adventure and seek her own lucky chances. Finally, she had stumbled across some heaven-defying lucky chance and learned the secrets of Soul World. With this, she established the Divine Dream Law and completed her own transcendent divine might!

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