Chapter 1222 – Perfect Gold Battle Spirit

Chapter 1222 – Perfect Gold Battle Spirit

“These three strange wisps of energy are actually able to shatter my soul and reform it using themselves as the center. This process is similar to the wonders of Ninefall soul reformation and with an entirely similar result!

“My soul force has become three times stronger. Whatever it is I absorbed, the effects are just too strong!”

Lin Ming found it hard to believe that such incomparably thin lines of energy were able to achieve such a heaven-defying effect.

As he sank his mind into his spiritual sea, he suddenly noticed some differences.

“This is…”

Lin Ming closed his eyes. Vague images, obscure and ancient languages, many things suddenly passed through his mind.

For a time, Lin Ming wasn’t able to understand just what these strange and mysterious images were. It was only when a crowd of creatures similar to the red-furred monster appeared in his mind that he realized these were the memories of that red-furred monster!

“After absorbing the dreamland energy left behind by the red-furred monster, I’ve...

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