Chapter 1222 Perfect Gold Battle Spirit

Chapter 1222 – Perfect Gold Battle Spirit

“These three strange wisps of energy are actually able to shatter my soul and reform it using themselves as the center. This process is similar to the wonders of Ninefall soul reformation and with an entirely similar result!

“My soul force has become three times stronger. Whatever it is I absorbed, the effects are just too strong!”

Lin Ming found it hard to believe that such incomparably thin lines of energy were able to achieve such a heaven-defying effect.

As he sank his mind into his spiritual sea, he suddenly noticed some differences.

“This is…”

Lin Ming closed his eyes. Vague images, obscure and ancient languages, many things suddenly passed through his mind.

For a time, Lin Ming wasn’t able to understand just what these strange and mysterious images were. It was only when a crowd of creatures similar to the red-furred monster appeared in his mind that he realized these were the memories of that red-furred monster!

“After absorbing the dreamland energy left behind by the red-furred monster, I’ve actually obtained some of its memories? Is this because of the Magic Cube?”

Lin Ming recalled that the feeling of absorbing that dreamland energy was the same as swallowing an ownerless soul fragment from the Magic Cube for the first time when he was 15 years old.

But Lin Ming couldn’t bother with figuring out why he could see these memories. He wanted to hastily search these memories for anything related to the Magic Cube. There were simply far too many secrets on the red-furred monster.

He focused his mind and sat down on the ground, trying to fully digest these memories. Perhaps because of the different natures of the monster’s soul and his human soul, Lin Ming found it extremely difficult to fuse with these memories. Even for the strange writing, Lin Ming had a great deal of difficulty understanding any of it. He had to comb through the memories for corresponding hints in order to make out some meaning from the words.

These memories were incredibly incomplete. Only after searching for a long time did he find some clues.

“Elementary spirit source… those three wisps of soul energy I absorbed are actually wisps of elementary spirit source! If the elementary form is so powerful, what sort of degree would true spirit source be like? And just what is spirit source to begin with?”

Lin Ming was familiar with the term elementary. Grandmist energy also had a so-called elementary grandmist energy form.

“This spirit source… is it something similar to grandmist energy?”

Lin Ming couldn’t help but think this. He continued searching through these memories for more information.

“Mmm… this is…” Lin Ming’s mind shook. As he looked further and dug out more information, he was inexplicably shocked.

“Grandmist energy… genesis energy… spirit source!”

“Three types of source energy!”

Originally, Lin Ming thought that grandmist was the foundation of the universe and the earliest, most source existence. But now, he discovered that the source of the universe was comprised of not just grandmist energy but also two other kinds.

Grandmist energy – the source of matter.

Genesis energy – the source of energies.

Spirit source – the source of soul.

The universe had a soul. Not only did the universe have a soul, but planets and stars also had souls, called star souls.

As for the soul of the universe, if that were to be called a different name, then that would be… the Heavenly Dao!

The Heavenly Dao was omnipotent and omnipresent. When a martial artist cultivated the Laws, they would comprehend the Heavenly Dao and follow its rules to display their skills.

Cultivation methods, martial skills, every Concept, everything was through methods defined by the Heavenly Dao.

If one wanted to surpass the Heavenly Dao then one had to withstand the punishment of the Heavenly Dao.

This was also known as heavenly tribulation. By crossing heavenly tribulation, one could gain the right to surpass the Heavenly Dao and perhaps even form their own rules. If a human could achieve such a boundary then they were called an Empyrean!

Empyrean, a word that meant the heavens. The inherent meaning within this title was that the person this title was bestowed upon had a status on par with the Heavenly Dao.

Empyrean, a word that also meant respect. In total, to be an Empyrean meant to be respected just as much as the heavens!

This was the meaning of an Empyrean!

From the very start, Lin Ming never understood just what the Heavenly Dao was. He only knew that it was an extremely abstract existence. But at the same time, the Heavenly Dao seemed to have a thought and will of its own, punishing anyone that dared to violate its edicts.

And now, Lin Ming was finally aware. The Heavenly Dao – that was the soul of the universe!

And this so-called spirit source was present at the forming of the universe, a source energy that eventually became the Heavenly Dao.

The soul of the universe. Out of the three aspects of essence, energy, and divine, it could be called the ‘divine’.

As the universe had a soul, at the same time it also had a body!

Every star, every moon, every planet, all the vast galaxies and boundless worlds, everything was the body of the universe!

Even humans, plants, vicious beasts, all lives that existed were also a part of the universe’s body.

Grandmist energy formed all matter within the world, and was also the source of the universe’s body.

Of essence, energy, and divine, the body of the universe could also be represented by ‘essence’.

Finally… there was genesis energy.

The source of all energy, all origin energies, all true essence – all the various forms of energy were evolved from genesis energy.

Of essence, energy, and divine, this was the ‘energy’ of the universe.

Humans possessed essence, energy, and divine. Correspondingly, the universe also had its own essence, energy, and divine.

Grandmist energy corresponded with ‘essence’, genesis energy corresponded with ‘energy’, and spirit source corresponded with the ‘divine’.

There just happened to be three of these source energies. This was also what the myths meant by three creating all of myriad existence!

As Lin Ming understood these truths, he felt his spiritual sea suddenly shake. It was like a thin layer of membrane had been pierced through, in that that moment, many truths and Laws were immediately comprehended by him. In that instant Lin Ming could feel his own strength crazily rise and his soul force was again strengthening at a terrifying speed.

Lin Ming’s first four Concepts of Thunder and Fire completely fused together. And in his spiritual sea, his battle spirit also violently trembled. As it trembled, all of its power constantly gathered onto itself, becoming more and more solid and more and more sharp. With this sort of change, Lin Ming’s battle spirit had broken through gold large success to gold perfection.

Now he was only a single step away from a blue soul battle spirit.

And after achieving a blue soul battle spirit, that would be a completely different situation!

Lin Ming sank his thoughts into his body. He discovered that the countless Law fragments that had buried themselves into his flesh during his Ninefall had begun to slowly fuse into his flesh. As for his Thunder and Fire Laws, in that moment just now they had instantly reached perfection of the first four Concepts. Lin Ming could even faintly feel himself touching upon the fifth level Concepts.

In just a few breaths of time, Lin Ming had obtained an immeasurable advantage. Although he had yet to break through a cultivation boundary, his practical strength had substantially increased. This was mainly manifested in the comprehension and use of his Laws as well as his battle spirit.

If Lin Ming were to use his Heavenly Dao Judgment now, it would be even mightier than before.

Even if he were to use the most basic Penetrating Rainbow, Chasing Thunder, Chasing Sun, or Bury the Heavens, just a single strike would be able to easily kill a top 10 ranked core disciple of a Great World King Holy Land.

Lin Ming was overjoyed as he sensed the changes in his body. Unfortunately, his true mortal body wasn’t in the Divine Dream World, otherwise he would have likely broken through to the middle Divine Sea.

However, now that his soul had made a breakthrough, his inner world was brimming with energy. If he left the divine dream space then he wouldn’t need much effort to break into the middle Divine Sea realm. It could be called an inevitable event.

“I see… so the Magic Cube, Demon Bead, and Purple Card in truth represent spirit source, grandmist energy, and genesis energy. They are divine tools somehow condensed from the essence, energy, and divine of the universe.”

Lin Ming became increasingly aware of the origin and use of the three divine tools.

“When Empyrean Primordius obtained the Demon Bead, that was also the universe’s ‘essence’, thus he was able to dual cultivate in body and energy, reaching a boundary at which he could rip out his heart and it would still beat onwards for 100,000 years. This was likely thanks to the support of the Demon Bead. As for the grandmist energy he cultivated, that is the source of the universe’s ‘body’. No wonder Empyrean Primordius was such a remarkable person that could achieve such heights in the Grandmist Laws.”

Lin Ming unraveled more of the secrets of Empyrean Primordius and the Eternal Demon Abyss, and most of his guesses were likely true. It seemed that if he obtained the Demon Bead in the future, it would play a critical role in him cultivating the Grandmist Laws.

The Grandmist Laws were in truth the Laws of the universe’s ‘essence’. There might even be true grandmist energy within the Demon Bead.

“Empyrean Primordius cultivated dual body and energy, but Empyrean Divine Dream cultivates spirit source, thus she is likely a dual energy and soul cultivator. This is why she was able to form the Divine Dream World and also leave behind these elementary spirit sources within it. These elementary spirit sources were likely rewards for the trial challengers here, but there are probably far too few people that could hope to obtain them.”

Lin Ming thought out loud. With the red-furred monster’s titanic strength, the ordinary geniuses of a great world simply wouldn’t be able to kill it.

However, this was also well within reason. Elementary spirit source was an incomparably precious treasure. It was impossible for Empyrean Divine Dream to reward it too freely, thus she would only allow the most peak geniuses to obtain it.

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