Chapter 1220 Eyes Blinded by Lightning

Chapter 1220 – Eyes Blinded by Lightning

A terrifying explosion swept through the skies for several hundreds of miles. The violet shockwaves sundered the earth, shattering all barriers. In that moment, it was like a purple sun had dropped onto the earth!

Even from 10,000 miles away, this divine light was clearly visible!


The red-furred monster roared out in pain. A massive half-foot-sized hole had been burnt through its body. Half its heart had been scorched and nearly all the blood in its body had been burnt away!

It furiously stretched out its claws, wanting to use its dying breath to grasp at Lin Ming’s head!

Lin Ming sneered. The Phoenix Blood Spear in his hand was pulled out!


The scorched half of the red-furred monster’s body was ripped off; bits of flesh and blood rained out!

However, the life force of this monster had reached a nearly unimaginable level. It dragged its grievously wounded body and threw itself towards Lin Ming.

Without any expression, Lin Ming thrust out his spear again. The violent and wild power of thunder pierced into the red-furred monster’s head.

With a stab and a thrust, the red-furred monster’s head exploded like a watermelon. Its strong and sturdy body twitched for several moments, then, it finally died!

“I’ve killed it at last.”

Lin Ming let out a long breath. And at this time, because of that strike just now, the skies above him were covered by thick rolling thunder clouds. These thunder clouds gathered together into a massive vortex with waves of purple thunder glittering everywhere. With this strike, he had actually recreated a temporary thunder dominion. From the far off distance, one could make out the endless purple light sizzling within this thunder dominion.

And at the White Crag Mountain Range, many of the participants hadn’t yet left; they were busy planning their future paths after having lost the safety of True Martial City.

And at this moment, in the distant horizon they could see a massive purple pillar of light shoot into the skies!

“Look over there! What is that!?”

It wasn’t known just who shouted that, but everyone turned to look. They could see that in the distant skies, the world had turned purple. Countless arcs of lightning fell like torrents onto the world!

“Is this divine light borne from thunder?”

“That is definitely the Thunder Laws. Even from so far I can sense its immense strength. Heavens, I wonder just who is fighting?”

Watching from the White Crag Mountain Range, this pillar of light was narrow. But, the impact it caused was unimaginable. Because of this purple pillar of light, dark clouds shrouded the skies, blanketing the lands for hundreds and hundreds of miles. All of the martial artists could feel the terrifying energy contained within these clouds. Even from 10,000 miles away, this feeling still caused their minds to shake with fear!

“That direction… isn’t that the direction that Lin Ming and the red-furred monster flew in?”

“Yes, that’s it, that’s the direction! Could it be that it is Lin Ming fighting the red-furred monster?”

“Heavens! Just what sort of ability, what sort of fighting method is this? Is it Lin Ming’s attack or that red-furred monster’s attack?”

Someone shouted in panic, a sense of awe and dread in their voice. Everyone looked at each other, bewildered, disbelief written all over their faces. This strength was simply far too terrifying!

At this time, a top 20 great world ranked core disciple of the True Martial Holy Lands hesitated for a moment before saying, “It shouldn’t be…”

“If that red-furred monster had such strength then it wouldn’t have needed to flee. As for Lin Ming, I feel that his strongest aspect lies in his body transformation technique. In terms of the essence gathering system and his comprehension and use of Laws, he’s a bit lacking. The two of them shouldn’t be able to send out such an attack.”

“Then who could it possibly be? Is there an even more powerful existence on the True Martial Great World? Is it a super monster even greater than the red-furred monster, something like a sovereign of nightmare beasts?”

Someone whimsically asked, lost in his own daydreams. In the Divine Dream World, if a variation monster like this red-furred monster could be born, then it wouldn’t be strange if a nightmare beast sovereign could appear too.

If there really was such a monster, then Lin Ming would truly be in dire straits!

“There’s a possibility… if so, I fear that Lin Ming would have already died by now. Don’t push a cornered enemy too far; the sayings of the ancients aren’t wrong. Lin Ming was too reckless.”

“It’s just that the beast tide was too fierce right after the third round of eliminations started, otherwise something like this wouldn’t have happened to Lin Ming. But, even if Lin Ming was foolish this time, with his strength he will still be able to jump back into the top three ranks of this great world.”

Everyone shared their speculations. However, no one dared to go 10,000 miles to take a look at the real situation.

With their strength, let alone that red-furred monster or that possible nightmare beast sovereign, if they were to encounter a small group of nightmare beasts then they would be completely swallowed up as food until there weren’t even bones left of them!

“If a nightmare beast sovereign has truly appeared, then our chances of survival have gotten even worse. To confirm this, could our top 10 ranked senior-apprentice brothers look and see if their rankings have changed?”

A True Martial Holy Lands disciple suddenly said.

It was easy for them to discern the rankings of the top 10 on the True Martial Great World because they occupied most of the positions. They would only need to verify their own rankings to find out.

Lin Ming was originally ranked fourth on the True Martial Great World. If he were killed, he should fall to or around the tenth place. The fifth to tenth place martial artists could see if he fell by checking if their own rankings had jumped by one.

When the beast tide first erupted, the core disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands had immediately gathered together when they fled and there were even several top 10 ranked masters amongst them. These martial artists all checked their rankings before frowning and saying, “My ranking hasn’t changed.”

“Mine hasn’t changed either.”

“Mm? It hasn’t changed? Does that mean Lin Ming hasn’t died?”

At this time, a core disciple of the True Martial Holy Lands seemed to realize something. He looked up his own ranking and sucked in a cold breath as he saw it.

He was originally the third ranked martial artist of the True Martial Great World. But now, his ranking had dropped to fourth place!

If his ranking dropped and those from fifth to tenth place didn’t, then that could only mean that he swapped places with whoever had been ranked fourth!

And that person had been Lin Ming!

“Lin-Lin Ming’s merit points have suddenly surpassed mine!”

In the top five rankings of a great world, there was a difference of at least 10 million merit points between two people. In a normal situation, the only way that Lin Ming could have leapt ranks was if he killed a top 10 ranked master of a great world, otherwise it would have been impossible for him to jump up ranks so fast. And now, Lin Ming had been chasing that red-furred monster so it was impossible for him to kill other masters.

That only left a single possibility… Lin Ming had killed that red-furred monster and obtained a massive number of merit points!

The martial artists present weren’t idiots. As the ex-third ranked disciple said that Lin Ming’s ranking had changed, everyone realized just what might have happened!

And at this time, the still not recovered Wu Finalcloud examined his own ranking. As he did, his fingers faintly trembled…

Lin Ming’s merit points had surpassed his own!

“Elder Senior-apprentice Brother…”

A number of people also thought of Wu Finalcloud and turned to look at him. As they saw the strange expression on his face, a foreboding premonition appeared in their hearts.

This is…

Wu Finalcloud bitterly smiled and shook his head, “He’s passed me… Lin Ming’s merit points have passed my own. I have dropped to third place…”

Wu Finalcloud’s words confirmed everyone’s guesses. To suddenly jump up over 20-30 million merit points in a single go, there was only a single possibility – and that was that Lin Ming had killed the red-furred monster.

To defeat someone was a completely different concept from killing them. As everyone recalled the red-furred monster’s terrifying speed, horrifying defense, and also despair-inducing endurance, wasn’t wanting to overtake it and kill it easier said than done? Perhaps even four or five martial artists that had a similar strength to it wouldn’t be able to keep it from escaping!

But now, it had actually died to Lin Ming’s hands!

Moreover, Lin Ming had chased the red-furred monster through the endless beast tide that surrounded them from all over. He had not only done that but had overtaken it and killed it!

Just how was this possible!?

Everyone looked up towards the pillar of purple light that shot into the skies once more. That pillar of light… could it have been sent out by Lin Ming?

As everyone realized this, they felt their jaws drop down. That roiling thunder dominion that encompassed the skies 10,000 miles away was still lingering there, scorching the world!

The feeling that Lin Ming gave off to everyone had always been that he was a martial artist who focused primarily on the body transformation technique. When he defeated Wu Finalcloud, and even with the red-furred monster, he had relied on his body transformation technique to contend with them. In terms of the essence gathering system and especially in the comprehension of Laws, Lin Ming didn’t seem too extraordinary at all.

But as they saw that terrifyingly titanic thunder dominion that was caused by the Thunder Laws, all of them were left speechless. This level of the Thunder Laws… just what sort of ridiculous power was this!?

Could it have been that Lin Ming’s greatest strength lay in his Laws, but from the beginning until now, no one had been able to force him to use them?

“This is… too unbelievable!”

“What a monster… he is invincible in the body transformation technique, invincible in endurance and recovery, and even his essence gathering system and comprehension of Laws have reached such a level… with such a terrifying explosion of power, just what sort of technique could have caused it? The difference between him and us is just too great…”

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