Chapter 1220 – Eyes Blinded by Lightning

Chapter 1220 – Eyes Blinded by Lightning

A terrifying explosion swept through the skies for several hundreds of miles. The violet shockwaves sundered the earth, shattering all barriers. In that moment, it was like a purple sun had dropped onto the earth!

Even from 10,000 miles away, this divine light was clearly visible!


The red-furred monster roared out in pain. A massive half-foot-sized hole had been burnt through its body. Half its heart had been scorched and nearly all the blood in its body had been burnt away!

It furiously stretched out its claws, wanting to use its dying breath to grasp at Lin Ming’s head!

Lin Ming sneered. The Phoenix Blood Spear in his hand was pulled out!


The scorched half of the red-furred monster’s body was ripped off; bits of flesh and blood rained out!

However, the life force of this monster had reached a nearly unimaginable level. It dragged its grievously wounded body and threw itself towards Lin Ming.

Without any expression, Lin Ming thrust out his spear again. The violent and wild power of thunder...

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