Chapter 122 - The Magic Cube Reappears

Chapter 122 The Magic Cube Reappears.


Chapter 122 – The Magic Cube Reappears

Lin Ming could not understand. Was it possible that sometime today, someone had tried to ambush him with some secret, arcane ability that was blocked by the blood symbol, and thus the blood symbol disappeared?

That should be impossible. If someone really did have such profound abilities, and they could cause the blood symbol to disappear in a situation without him knowing, then it would have to be someone that was at least of the Xiantian stage. But that kind of person could simply kill him with a flick of their finger, and those major characters weren’t people that Zhu Yan or the Tenth Prince could possibly hope to request.

Lin Ming really couldn’t understand what was going on. Instead, he decided to put away the flexible armor, and then go to bed.

That night, perhaps because of the overconsumption of his soul force and true essence, Lin Ming slept very soundly.

He blurrily stumbled in an endless realm of jet black space that was incomparably vast. It was as if he was floating in the dark, starry night within the infinite cosmos. Countless fluttering transparent ghosts floated around him, and in these transparent ghosts were countless points of light, as if they were mirrors shining back on him. The points of light varied in size,...

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