Chapter 1218 – Fighting the Red-furred Monster

Chapter 1218 – Fighting the Red-furred Monster

In the skies, robed in blue clothes and grasping a red spear, Lin Ming stood straight and tall, like a heroic challenger!

And in front of him, the red-furred monster was curled up like a crouching tiger, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Facing this red-furred creature, no matter who it was, they would feel a tremendous pressure.

The several core disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands had already retreated a good distance away. Even the other martial artists scattered all around the White Crag Mountain Range drew back dozens of miles more from the battlefield. There were very few people that believed Lin Ming had any hopes of winning. And once Lin Ming was defeated, regardless of whether he escaped afterwards or died in the conflict, everyone else remaining would be stuck in dire straits. It was possible that the remaining participants would be drawn into a deadly bloodbath. At that time, when they all scattered to escape, having a bit more distance between them and that red-furred monster would increase their chances.

And at this time, the red-furred monster moved. It launched its red and blood-covered bony wings and rushed towards Lin Ming. Its speed reached an incredible level. Without any special move at all, it merely stretched out its claws and grasped towards Lin Ming’s throat!

This was the first...

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