Chapter 1217 – Soul Life

Chapter 1217 – Soul Life

After the red-furred monster heavily injured Wu Finalcloud, it roared and continued rushing towards him. It raised its sharp claws; as long as these claws struck him, Wu Finalcloud would likely be split in half!

In this crucial moment, Wu Finalcloud completely tore off his right arm. He forcefully pinched it and the entire arm exploded into a shower of blood.

“Demon Body Mutilation!”

Wu Finalcloud’s face was fierce and grim. His body absorbed all of this blood rain and the blood-colored scales began to appear over his body.

In this instant, Wu Finalcloud’s aura suddenly shot upwards. His strength also doubled from before. He was even more powerful than the time when he had fought Lin Ming!

“What ability is this? He can actually absorb his own flesh and blood to enhance his strength to the limit!?”

“It’s definitely a demonic path cultivation method. The Heavenly Demon Metamorphic Art is also from the demonic path. The True Martial World King should have obtained the inheritance of some ancient demonic supreme elder!”

“This move will consume a considerable amount of blood vitality. When Wu Finalcloud battled Lin Ming he didn’t use this move from the start, and after he used up too much energy in the protracted battle it was already too late to do so. If Wu Finalcloud had used this technique from the beginning of when he...

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