Chapter 1216 Red-furred Monster’s Evolution

Chapter 1216 – Red-furred Monster’s Evolution

Lin Ming’s eyes locked onto the red-furred monster. This red-furred monster was around 10 feet tall and the hairs all over its body were as sharp and shiny as steel needles. Its chest, neck, and back were completely covered with thick black scales. Its body was grandiose, its claws sharp and fierce, and there was a thin and long tail that extended from its back. This tail seemed to have joints in it just like an iron whip, and on the end of this tail there was a long spike. This spike shined with a cold light. Just a moment ago, this spike had pierced through the hearts of three martial artists.

At this time, Lin Ming saw the red-furred monster stretch out its claw and take a purple crystal from Dong Bishu’s tattered corpse. This crystal had something like a small red snake sealed within it. The tiny red snake fluttered about, twisting within the purple crystal just like a living creature.

As Lin Ming saw this purple crystal, his eyes grew even brighter. This was…

Lin Ming’s eyes shot open. Although this was the first time he had seen this crystal, he felt a very special connection to it… as if this crystal was a part of his soul.

Lin Ming released his senses and locked onto that crystal. In the sensor map of his mind, he could see all the surrounding dreamland energy turn into countless masses of colored light. The dreamland Laws were able to divide into seven-colored lines, and as for that purple crystal, its energy signature looked just like a little purple baby. It had clear facial features, smooth and soft skin, and looked extremely cute and lovable.

“This purple crystal seems to have a life of its own…”

Lin Ming immediately thought. With his current understanding into the dreamland Laws, he was able to see that there was something beyond extraordinary within this purple crystal.

He had a faint feeling that if he could obtain this purple crystal, it would be an immeasurable advantage to his cultivation of the Divine Dream Law.

And as Lin Ming was thinking this, that red-furred monster actually swallowed up the purple crystal at a speed that no one could respond to.

After the purple crystal entered the red-furred monster’s body, it completely melted down, fusing into its soul. The red-furred monster growled a comfortable roar and its body began to emit crackling sounds. The armored bone scales on its body grew thicker and stronger, its tail elongated, and its muscles bulged outwards. Afterwards, two meat sacks began to pop up from its back

The red-furred monster cried out, writhing as if it were withstanding a tremendous amount of pain. It gathered all of its strength and emitted a guttural roar. Then, those two meat sacks on its back burst apart in a shower of green goo, and from this green goo a pair of meat-covered bones shot out. The bones then spread apart, revealing a wide set of blood-red wings, just like the wings of a vampire bat.

This red-furred monster had actually formed wings. It was clear that the reason was that it had eaten that purple crystal, thus the red-furred monster had evolved!

As Lin Ming saw this, he gripped the Phoenix Blood Spear and began to circulate the true essence within him. That purple crystal definitely had an inestimable advantage to his cultivation of the Divine Dream Law, and that red-furred monster had eaten it.

The red-furred monster had some slight differences from ordinary nightmare beasts, but in the end it was merely a monster formed within the divine dream space. If he were to kill it, he could obtain its dreamland energy, and that purple crystal’s energy would also be contained within this dreamland energy.

Lin Ming narrowed his eyes. With his own sense and ability to feel the Divine Dream Law, he analyzed the dreamland energy and dreamland Laws within that red-furred monster. He could feel that this red-furred monster had swallowed more than one purple crystal. As the participants were slaughtering each other for merit points, this red-furred monster had silently and unknowingly collected purple crystals, swallowing each and every one it could find.

As Lin Ming thought of this, he felt it a bit incredible. What was this red-furred monster? Was it some creature made by Empyrean Divine Dream? How come he could feel that this red-furred monster seemed to have its own thoughts and will?

He was nearly about to attack, when at this moment there was a loud ringing explosion from the distance. A blazing gold light shot through the skies and a white-robed youth shot through the horizon like a fiery meteor.

This youth was not some nobody, but the number one disciple of the True Martial Holy Lands, Wu Finalcloud.

Woosh! Woosh!

Following close behind Wu Finalcloud were two core disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands. They were both top 10 ranked characters of the True Martial Holy Lands and their strength was in no way weaker than Highdragon’s.

As Wu Finalcloud saw this red-furred beast, a thick killing intent glinted in his eyes. “I’ve finally caught you! You damned monster! You killed my True Martial Holy Lands’ core disciple Wu Zhanfeng, and now you’ve even killed my Junior-apprentice Brother Dong Bishu! You’ve run wild and out of control for all this time, and now today I will have you pay the price for all that you’ve done! Killing you is also considered as cleansing evil from this True Martial Great World!”

Wu Finalcloud took out the Great Blood Sword from his spatial ring. He certainly knew just how terrifying this red-furred monster was. Facing this beast, Wu Finalcloud had no intentions of starting off slow; he immediately took out his greatest weapon from the start.

And at this moment, the red-furred monster let out a diabolical roar as it launched its thin and transparent blood-soaked wings and hurtled straight towards Wu Finalcloud!

This red-furred monster originally had a terrifying strength and horrifying degree of defensive power. And now after having swallowed that purple crystal, its speed had risen to the limit!

Too fast! So fast that no one was able to react!

Wu Finalcloud’s pupils shrank. He instantly began revolving his transcendent divine might – the Heavenly Demon Metamorphic Art!

With his strength crazily rising by several times, Wu Finalcloud shouted out loud and smashed his Great Blood Sword at that red-furred monster!


With a ringing explosion, Wu Finalcloud’s Great Blood Sword was caught single-handedly within the claw of that red-furred monster! The thick sword edge was caught in its claw, unmovable, just like it was stuck in divine iron.

Wu Finalcloud’s complexion changed. How could this thing be so strong!? In that strike just now, he felt a strong jolt of pain shoot up his arm and his hand nearly went numb with paralysis!

This monster’s strength was even higher than that of Lin Ming!

And as for speed, it was no worse than Dragon Fang.

What in the world was this red-furred monster? Was it a nightmare beast? How could Empyrean Divine Dream think of creating such a powerful nightmare beast? If even he couldn’t defeat it, how many people were able to kill it?

Nightmare beasts were originally formed for participants to kill so they could gather merit points. If there was a nightmare beast that no one could kill, and that would instead kill everyone on sight, then wouldn’t these preliminaries simply lose all significance?

All of these thoughts flashed through Wu Finalcloud’s mind. At this time, he felt himself being pushed backwards, constantly being forced to retreat as he nearly lost control of the Great Blood Sword.

And at this time, from behind Wu Finalcloud, the two core disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands jointly attacked the red-furred monster from both sides!

Of the two martial artists, one used a long sword and the other used a thick saber. As they saw Wu Finalcloud being pushed back, both of them responded with a counterattack.

“Be careful!”

Wu Finalcloud shouted out. But, it was too late. The red-furred monster roared and its tail slashed forth like a sentient whip!


A sharp sound filled the air, as if space was being torn apart.

“Attack together!”

“Cut apart its tail!”

These two people were not idiots; they could also feel how terrifying the red-furred monster was. With sword and saber, they cut down on this iron tail.


The two weapons intersected with the hard tail. The two martial artists felt their hands go numb as they nearly lost control of the weapons in their hands. The frailer sword let out a keening cry, as if it would snap apart if the force was any greater.

As for that iron tail, not only was it not injured at all by the sword and saber, but because of its absurdly fast speed, the end of the tail flew past the two weapons and shot directly towards one of the disciples’ hearts.

That disciple’s pupils contracted. He stormed backwards, wanting to avoid this strike.

However, the speed of that tail was far too fast!

That disciple barely managed to avoid having his heart pierced through. That sharp thorn pierced through the disciple’s protective true essence like it was paper and then penetrated through his body, passing right through his shoulder!

The disciple stuffily coughed. Before he even had time to respond, there was another light sound as the tail retracted. That disciple’s entire left shoulder, included his collar bone and muscles, was all twisted off by that tail!

With half his body covered in blood, the disciple cried out in pain, his face turning bone white!

“Fourth Junior-apprentice Brother!”

A raging anger blew up in Wu Finalcloud’s heart. He shouted out loud as all the joints in his body emitted great exploding sounds. His body grew and his muscles popped outwards as he activated the Heavenly Demon Metamorphic Art to the limit!


Wu Finalcloud used all of his strength and forcefully pulled out his sword from the grip of the red-furred monster. Then, he cut down on its head!

“Sword Shattering the Universe!”

This was Wu Finalcloud’s strongest attack.

However, this red-furred monster didn’t seem to care at all. It thrust out its claws, one claw towards Wu Finalcloud’s heavy sword and the other claw reaching towards his throat!

As Wu Finalcloud saw the brutal and savage counterattack of the red-furred monster, his complexion became beastly. He put forth his full force and continued cutting down with his sword as before.


The great sword smashed into the claw of the red-furred monster and a loud ringing sound filled the air, as if that great sword had struck a metal rock. The red-furred monsters scales were chopped to pieces by the force, but at this time, that red-furred monster’s other claw approached Wu Finalcloud!

This claw came swinging out!

It was no longer possible for Wu Finalcloud to retreat. At this time, a thick golden barrier suddenly appeared around him. This was the Metal Laws that Wu Finalcloud had comprehended – the True Martial Body Barrier Art.

When he fought with Lin Ming, he had used the brief instant when the shield shattered to barely defend against Lin Ming’s Hundred Layered Waves. And now, this attack coming at him was clearly stronger.


The red-furred monster’s claw bluntly crashed into the golden barrier. The incomparably solid golden barrier shook for an instant before it was immediately ripped apart by the red-furred monster!


After this claw tore through the barrier, it ruthlessly slashed Wu Finalcloud’s left shoulder. Wu Finalcloud’s body shook as he was sent flying backwards. His left shoulder had nearly been torn off!

“How could this thing be so strong!?”

Wu Finalcloud’s lips trembled. His arm was hanging uselessly at his side, it was simply impossible to use any strength with it.

As for the martial artists around the White Crag Mountain Range, all of them sucked in a breath of cold air. Although Wu Finalcloud had lost to Lin Ming and it was rumored that his strength was inferior to Dragon Fang’s, he was still an undoubtedly strong top master. Even so, he had been defeated in just a few moves?

Just what was that red-furred monster?

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