Chapter 1216 – Red-furred Monster’s Evolution

Chapter 1216 – Red-furred Monster’s Evolution

Lin Ming’s eyes locked onto the red-furred monster. This red-furred monster was around 10 feet tall and the hairs all over its body were as sharp and shiny as steel needles. Its chest, neck, and back were completely covered with thick black scales. Its body was grandiose, its claws sharp and fierce, and there was a thin and long tail that extended from its back. This tail seemed to have joints in it just like an iron whip, and on the end of this tail there was a long spike. This spike shined with a cold light. Just a moment ago, this spike had pierced through the hearts of three martial artists.

At this time, Lin Ming saw the red-furred monster stretch out its claw and take a purple crystal from Dong Bishu’s tattered corpse. This crystal had something like a small red snake sealed within it. The tiny red snake fluttered about, twisting within the purple crystal just like a living creature.

As Lin Ming saw this purple crystal, his eyes grew even brighter. This was…

Lin Ming’s eyes shot open. Although this was the first time he had seen this crystal, he felt a very special connection to it… as if this crystal was a part of his soul.

Lin Ming...

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