Chapter 1215 – Nightmare Beast Tide

Chapter 1215 – Nightmare Beast Tide

The 100 million large nightmare beast tide surged forwards like a rolling tsunami. Once it arrived, it would likely even submerge the entirety of True Martial City. Even for Lin Ming, if he were to be caught in this endless beast tide, he would die without any hope of living. It had to be known that within this beast tide there were extremely powerful mutated nightmare beasts, equal to top 20-30 ranked masters of a great world.

It wasn’t a problem for Lin Ming to kill four or five of these super mutated nightmare beasts. But, if he were to face hundreds or even thousands of them, then it would be extremely difficult to escape. There was no need to mention other martial artists.

“This First Martial Meeting is extremely brutal, especially this last round of eliminations.”

Lin Ming only explored the distribution of the beast tide for a brief moment. Then, without much hesitation, he immediately turned and fled. Staying here would only mean death.

The beast tide rolled forwards at an incredible speed. In just the blink of an eye it was 200-300 miles away from True Martial City. With the keen eyesight of a martial artist, they could already make out just what these surging dark clouds were.

Endless and infinite blood birds, flying pythons, four-clawed griffin beasts,...

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