Chapter 1215 Nightmare Beast Tide

Chapter 1215 – Nightmare Beast Tide

The 100 million large nightmare beast tide surged forwards like a rolling tsunami. Once it arrived, it would likely even submerge the entirety of True Martial City. Even for Lin Ming, if he were to be caught in this endless beast tide, he would die without any hope of living. It had to be known that within this beast tide there were extremely powerful mutated nightmare beasts, equal to top 20-30 ranked masters of a great world.

It wasn’t a problem for Lin Ming to kill four or five of these super mutated nightmare beasts. But, if he were to face hundreds or even thousands of them, then it would be extremely difficult to escape. There was no need to mention other martial artists.

“This First Martial Meeting is extremely brutal, especially this last round of eliminations.”

Lin Ming only explored the distribution of the beast tide for a brief moment. Then, without much hesitation, he immediately turned and fled. Staying here would only mean death.

The beast tide rolled forwards at an incredible speed. In just the blink of an eye it was 200-300 miles away from True Martial City. With the keen eyesight of a martial artist, they could already make out just what these surging dark clouds were.

Endless and infinite blood birds, flying pythons, four-clawed griffin beasts, winged black tigers, metal armored rhinos, raging mammoths, monstrous wolves, the variety and number of nightmare beasts was near impossible to count.

“Heavens! What is that!?”

“Nightmare beasts! A tide of nightmare beasts!”

As the many martial artists of True Martial City saw this terrifying beast tide, all of them were shocked.

How could any human even hope to defend against such a beast tide?

In the first two rounds of eliminations it had been participants hunting and killing nightmare beasts. But now, it seemed that the nightmare beasts would counterattack the city, swallowing up every participant they could.


“This is madness! Will all of True Martial City be destroyed!?”

Facing the siege of such a beast tide, there was not a single martial artist who thought of staying. Even the core disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands immediately fled.

If they stayed here, there would be death awaiting them.

The majority of the beast tide came surging forth from the south, east, and west. The only path that the martial artists of the city could escape to was the north. Thus, every single martial artist instantly turned to the north and flew as fast as they could.

And the area north of True Martial City wasn’t safe either; there was a massive number of strange birds and flying lizards that blanketed the skies.

“It seems as if Empyrean Divine Dream wants to simulate an extremely harsh and dangerous living environment. Is this to temper the powerhouses here?”

Lin Ming looked at the mass of flying nightmare beasts in front of him. The leader of these nightmare beasts was extremely powerful, equal to a peak genius from an ordinary Holy Land. With these nightmare beasts grouped together, Lin Ming felt that not even one out of every thousand martial artists would be able to break out of here.

In this way, the third round of the preliminaries was especially prepared for the highest level of participants. Ordinary martial artists that couldn’t pass through the eliminations wouldn’t even have the strength to survive in this world. Only those that had the qualifications to pass the preliminaries would be able to live in the face of such a monstrous surge.

“Law of Annihilation, Chain of Stars!”

Lin Ming swept out his spear. The Fire Laws and Space Laws fused together and countless star fragments shot forwards like innumerable knives. The dozens of nightmare beasts in front of Lin Ming were ripped apart by these knives, completely torn to pieces. Blood and flesh rained to the ground even as it turned to dreamland energy that was absorbed by Lin Ming.

These nightmare beasts had more merit points than the nightmare beasts of the second round of eliminations. However, a weaker martial artist would barely be able to remain alive in the face of such a nightmare beast, much less think of taking its merit points.

All of these thoughts raced through Lin Ming’s mind. The spear in his hand danced like a swimming snake. Wherever it went, nightmare beasts would burst apart in gory deaths.

“That person… he killed over a hundred nightmare beasts with three spear strikes!”

“Too fierce, who is he… mm? That’s Lin Ming! He’s the monstrous genius that defeated Wu Finalcloud!”

“Let’s follow him!”

Within the fleeing crowd, many people recognized Lin Ming and began moving closer towards him.

Lin Ming didn’t mind these people following him, but he wouldn’t bother saving them either. He was flying at an extremely fast pace. As to whether or not they could keep up with him, that all depended on them.

With the Phoenix Blood Spear leading the way, massive numbers of nightmare beast corpses would fall down all around Lin Ming. As these corpses fell halfway to the ground, they turned into dreamland energy that flowed into Lin Ming.

Even though Lin Ming was fighting as he flew, his speed still far surpassed that of an ordinary martial artist. Many people were unable to follow him. Once they fell behind, they were swallowed up by the waves of flying nightmare beasts!

Their miserable screams lingered in the air!

As the participants looked at the massive number of casualties occurring around them as well as the endless black tide that submerged the entirety of True Martial City behind them, all of them felt their hearts turn cold. If True Martial City was now swamped underneath a sea of nightmare beasts, then how would they revive once they died? Would it be in some strange place outside of True Martial City?

But there was no longer time to think about such things. The painful screams echoing out from behind them reminded them all that if they were only a single step slow, all that would be waiting for them was death and despair.

Lin Ming madly rushed a thousand miles north, killing thousands of nightmare beasts on the way. In just this time alone he had gathered more than a million merit points. Behind him, several hundred masters were following closely. There were many individuals in this group that were extremely strong and they cut down all the nightmare beasts in their way. Although they were far weaker than Lin Ming, with this group added together, the number of nightmare beasts they killed surpassed Lin Ming.

And at this moment, in the distant skies, mixed within a flock of blood birds, a group of three purple monster birds shot towards Lin Ming.

These monster birds had a human face, four arms, and wings like a bat.

“Shit! Those are mutated nightmare beasts!”

Several martial artists cried out. Mutated nightmare beasts were extremely difficult to deal with. Although these human-faced bats in front of them were only the weakest of mutated nightmare beasts, it was still difficult to withstand the pressure of three of them suddenly appearing together. Especially with a beast tide chasing them from behind, if they were delayed just a little bit then they would be sucked into that roiling beast tide!

“Be careful!” Some martial artists cried out. But, as Lin Ming saw these three mutated nightmare beasts he didn’t care at all. His spear came sweeping out the same as before.


An electric purple light cut through the skies. These three mutated nightmare beasts were split in half by Lin Ming’s spear light, their torn flesh and shattered bones falling down from the skies.

“This is…”

Several martial artists felt their mouths fall open. Although they knew that Lin Ming was extremely strong, they hadn’t personally experienced how freakishly strong he actually was. Although they had seen Lin Ming fight Wu Finalcloud and defeat him, they had no idea just how strong Wu Finalcloud had been either.

But now, they had personally experienced mutated nightmare beasts like these before them. In order to take down a mutated nightmare beast they would often need to band together in a group and lay an ambush in advance. They would have to combine various array formations, join their attacks together, and perfectly act in unison to kill one. And yet, Lin Ming had used a single spear strike to kill three of these monstrous birds. This sort of disparity in strength was simply indescribable.

“They were all killed like that… too strong!”

“It’s hard to imagine he is only at the early Divine Sea realm.”

The several martial artists didn’t have any time to think of this further. All of them followed Lin Ming as closely as they could. If they fell behind, they were dead.

And at this time, the crowds of nightmare beasts slowly became sparser. They arrived at a strange and quiet canyon. In the Divine Realm, there were far too many of these remote canyons and mountain ranges.

“3000 miles north of True Martial City is the White Crag Mountain Range. We should be somewhere near there.” A martial artist that was familiar with the environment around True Martial City said.

It wasn’t just them, but many other surviving martial artists had arrived here. They came in groups of participants that were led by a top powerhouse, otherwise the casualties would have been even more serious.

“We need to hurry up and rest. Who knows when that tide of nightmare beasts will reach here!”

“Yes, and any place where martial artists are gathered is also not safe. This White Crag Mountain Range has an extremely complex terrain; it’s likely that someone will decide to start killing others here.”

Several martial artists said. Then, dozens of miles away from them, screams suddenly rang out in the air, followed by the sounds of energy explosions, as if purposefully confirming their suspicions.

A fierce and wild roar resounded through the world. This terrifying sound caused one’s scalp to tingle and their heart to skip a beat.

“What is that!?”

All of the martial artists were nervous. Even Lin Ming’s eyes began to shine with a somber light.


With a loud rumbling sound, the stretch of mountain range in front of these people completely exploded!

The earth ruptured and countless towering trees were instantly burnt to ash!

In the horrifying shockwave of energy, a red-furred monster leapt high into the air. And in front of it, four martial artists were caught on its long crimson-scaled tail. Three of these martial artists were pierced through the heart by the sharp tail, with blood spraying into the air. As for the last martial artist, he was using a saber to block the deadly tail, wanting to break free from its grip.

At this time, the red-furred monster slashed out. Its sharp claws struck the head of that martial artist. The martial artist’s body shook and then his skull blew up into pieces, bits of brain and fluid raining down. Then, the red-furred monster waved its claw again and again; the other four martial artists were all split in half!

It had only taken an instant to kill four people!


Beside Lin Ming, a participant looked up at this scene playing out in the skies, his eyes filled with panic and dread.

“That martial artist with the saber is Dong Bishu, a core disciple of the True Martial Holy Lands. He is a ruthless character ranked 12 or 13 on the True Martial Great World. But even someone like him was slaughtered like a dog or chicken!”

It was a well-known rumor that the red-furred monster had killed Wu Zhanfeng, the seventh ranked master of the True Martial Great World. But in most people’s minds, the red-furred monster should have killed Wu Zhanfeng after an extremely fierce and arduous battle. The difference in strength between the two shouldn’t have been too ridiculous.

But now, as they saw the red-furred monster kill the highly ranked Dong Bishu the same as it did the other three martial artists, all of them felt their hairs stand on end. This red-furred demon – just what kind of existence was it?

“While the red-furred monster’s attention isn’t on us let’s hurry up and run!” A martial artist hurriedly said with a true essence sound transmission.

“There’s no way we can escape! The moment we start to flee it will definitely notice us. With its speed, even if we all run in separate directions it will still kill all of us. Our only choice is to restrain our auras as much as we can and move a few dozen miles away from here. Perhaps it might ignore us then. That’s the best chance we have!”

Fleeing meant certain death and not fleeing meant they might somehow wriggle their way out of this. But the reality was that they were in a hopeless situation. They simply had no other choice.

At this time, Lin Ming was staring at the red-furred monster, his eyes shining.

In the field of his divine dream vision, Lin Ming could see that this red-furred monster was completely composed of rainbow-like lights, and there was something quite special about it. This dreamland energy in its body wasn’t considered too great, but it was vigorous and boundless; Lin Ming wanted to obtain it from the depths of his heart.

“What secrets does this monster have on its body?” Lin Ming thought to himself, one hand tracing the Phoenix Blood Spear.

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