Chapter 1214 – The Last Round

Chapter 1214 – The Last Round

Time passed a day at a time. Five and a half months after the First Martial Meeting began, a new change occurred with the Divine Seal Decree.

As the ranking list that all the great influences of the Divine Realm were closely paying attention to, whenever there was the slightest disturbance in the Divine Seal Decree, this change would be instantly reported to the high level figures of all these influences. During this time, any unknown geniuses were slowly blooming into glory, entering the sights of these Divine Realm influences.

And the name that appeared this time was… ‘Fang’.

As a martial artist that also entered through the True Martial Great World, Fang had no known background. He was known as the king of all wandering martial artists.

Either way, he was either truly a wandering martial artist, or he came from a family that wanted to keep its status a secret, or he was one of the hidden disciples of a top supreme elder.

Fang was someone similar to Lin Ming, who had just risen into the spotlight. He was a dark horse that had surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Moreover, this dark horse was even darker than Lin Ming. In a single breath he had broken into the top 1000 ranks of the Divine Seal Decree and ended up at rank 997. He was undoubtedly the number one master...

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