Chapter 1212 – Merit Points Over a Hundred Million

Chapter 1212 – Merit Points Over a Hundred Million

“Wu Finalcloud… how much dreamland energy will you give me?”

The reason that Lin Ming hunted down masters and killed them was so that he could obtain their dreamland energy. To him, nourishing his divine dream mark and cultivating the soul training system was something he was obsessed with.

At the beginning of learning a new domain of martial arts, the speed of enhancement was always the fastest.

Lin Ming stretched out a hand and absorbed all of the dreamland energy. An unprecedented feeling of bliss swept through his body. This was just like a lost man wandering through the desert for a long time, dazed with hunger and thirst, and finally finding a lush oasis where he could obtain sustenance and even bathe himself in cool spring water.

Lin Ming also wanted to thank Wu Finalcloud. If it weren’t for Wu Finalcloud gathering the entirety of the True Martial Holy Lands’ intelligence network and accumulating a massive amount of merit points through his domineering rampage across the land, he would not have gathered so many points.

This was 60% of the all the dreamland energy that Wu Finalcloud...

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