Chapter 1211 – Killing Wu Finalcloud

Chapter 1211 – Killing Wu Finalcloud

“There can actually be such a form of combat!”

To the disciples of ordinary Holy Lands, this sort of fighting was something they had never heard of before.

“By just relying on one’s body, is it actually possible to erupt with such a terrifying combat strength?”

Many people thought this was unbelievable. In their opinion, true essence reigned above all and even most Laws that martial artists comprehended were related to true essence and energy. Only true essence could possibly pair with Laws. As for a person’s bodily strength, Laws were incompatible with it. This was said to be because the rules of the Heavenly Dao changed a long time ago and now the body transformation technique cultivation system was far too difficult to cultivate.

Thus, it was publicly recognized that bodily strength was inferior to true essence.

“No, this is wrong…” A top 10 ranked participant shook his head. “What Lin Ming is relying on is his physical strength to fight, but Wu Finalcloud is using his true essence to fight. His transcendent divine might gives him an explosive strength, enough to reach this current state. But, it is by no means his own bodily strength.”

If a martial artist used true essence to drive the movement of a weapon, they could erupt with an equally terrifying strength as someone...

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