Chapter 1210 Heavenly Demon Metamorphic Art

Chapter 1210 – Heavenly Demon Metamorphic Art

Seeing Wu Finalcloud sent hurtling backwards by Lin Ming’s spear strike, all of the disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands were left panic-stricken. The invincible Elder Senior-apprentice Brother in their minds had actually been struck back by Lin Ming?

How was that possible?

“Elder Senior-apprentice Brother!”

“Elder Senior-apprentice Brother is fine!” Some disciples cried out with concern thick in their voices.

“How could Elder Senior-apprentice Brother possibly have anything go wrong. Elder Senior-apprentice Brother simply didn’t use his complete strength just now; he didn’t even use his transcendent divine might.” A disciple that worshipped Wu Finalcloud said. Even if his idol wasn’t as strong as he thought, he still wouldn’t admit it, because recognizing this was the same as denying everything he knew. Moreover, Wu Finalcloud hadn’t even used his transcendent divine might yet.

The ordinary disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands didn’t understand Wu Finalcloud’s real strength, they had simply run wild with their imaginations. But, the several top ranked masters of the True Martial Holy Lands were absolutely clear as to what Wu Finalcloud’s trump cards were. Once Wu Finalcloud used all of his abilities, his combat strength would multiply from before and there wouldn’t be any comparison between that and his previous self.

“Elder Senior-apprentice Brother has met a worthy match!”

“That Lin Ming is truly unfathomable. To think that even Elder Senior-apprentice Brother’s Cloud Dimming Blade isn’t enough. He will need to bring out his second sword – the Great Blood Sword.”

Wu Finalcloud had two swords!

“This brat, how could he possibly suppress Wu Finalcloud!?”

Zhong Wenshu muttered as he hid in the crowd, staring at Lin Ming with hatred in his eyes. He couldn’t accept the reality of what was happening before him.

Originally, Zhong Wenshu thought he would be able to see something good by coming here. He thought he would see Lin Ming be utterly suppressed and killed, but he never imagined that Lin Ming would be so brutal that he could even force back Wu Finalcloud with his spear!

“The battle hasn’t ended yet. Wu Finalcloud still has his transcendent divine might. It’s unknown just who the winner will be!” Sacred Yueping gloomily said. Although this battle had been one-sided so far, it wasn’t strange for the losing side in a battle to use some miraculous move and turn the tables on the aggressor. Moreover, Wu Finalcloud still hadn’t used his true transcendent divine might.

To a disciple of an ordinary World King Holy Land, a transcendent divine might was a completely unreachable cultivation method.

“Transcendent divine might…” Sacred Tianhao hesitated. He had a faint premonition in his heart that even if Wu Finalcloud were to use his transcendent divine might, his victory or defeat would still be an unknown.

He had always felt that Lin Ming was too mysterious, too powerful, a being that surpassed all common reasoning.

Facing Lin Ming, even if you thought you were stronger, he would still easily suppress you. You would never know just where the limits of his strength lay.

Sacred Tianhao found it unbelievable that such a youth was only at the early Divine Sea.

“Wu Finalcloud is finally going to use his transcendent divine might!”

“I wonder just what sort of cultivation method that transcendent divine might is! I really want to see!”

Many surrounding martial artists said, some even rubbing their eyes.

The truth was that these people simply didn’t know what level of existence a transcendent divine might was. They had never even seen one, much less understood it. It was impossible for them to distinguish whether or not a cultivation method was a transcendent divine might based on how strong it was. Let alone these juniors, even Holy Lords and World Kings might not be able to do so, because most transcendent divine mights were secret existences that no one knew of.

“Just who are you!?”

Wu Finalcloud’s eyes burned as he gazed at Lin Ming, his complexion incomparably ugly. He could not believe that a disciple from a mere peak Holy Land could actually achieve such a mind-boggling level of talent. Perhaps even an Empyrean descendant would not be his match at the early Divine Sea realm!

“Haven’t you already investigated me?” Lin Ming asked back.

“Humph!” Wu Finalcloud coldly coughed. “Your talent is indeed unimaginably high, but, what will decide the ultimate outcome of this victory is strength, absolute strength! You wanted to experience my transcendent divine might, right? Then… let me fulfill your wish!”

As Wu Finalcloud spoke, his aura became increasingly powerful. His joints exploded, his body began to grow, and an endless, boundless energy gushed forth from his inner world. Tiny scales began to form all over his body, making him look like a demon.

This transcendent divine might even had the ability to change Wu Finalcloud’s body.

“The energy within his body is strengthening.” Lin Ming narrowed his eyes. He could feel the energy within Wu Finalcloud climbing to ever higher peaks. Without a doubt, this transcendent divine might was one that enhanced his striking power.

Up until now, Lin Ming had learned two transcendent divine mights. The Heretical God Force was an arcane skill whose main role was to help in cultivation and also help in comprehending Laws. Lin Ming’s power of thunder and power of fire were endowed unto him by the Heretical God Force.

As for the grandmist space, that was an auxiliary transcendent divine might.

Up until now, Lin Ming had never seen a direct attack-type transcendent divine might.

“This transcendent divine might is called the Heavenly Demon Metamorphic Art! It is a transcendent divine might that changes the body. Once one displays the Heavenly Demon Metamorphic Art, they will be able to obtain the power of a fiend demon, and their body will turn into that of a demon. Their speed, striking power, defensive power, even their comprehension of Laws, everything will double. Although my Heavenly Demon Metamorphic Art is incomplete, its might when displayed underneath my hand is unimaginable! Now meet my strike!”

Wu Finalcloud wildly laughed. He put the long sword away in his spatial ring and took out a heavy sword!

Wu Finalcloud had two swords – one light and one heavy. The light sword was called the Cloud Dimming Blade and was used in coordination with his extraordinary speed. It was to help in displaying Metal Laws, Wind Laws, and the Concept of Speed.

And this crimson heavy sword was called… the Great Blood Sword. It was the sword Wu Finalcloud used when he was at his highest level of strength.

“Mm? Two swords?”

Lin Ming was a bit surprised. Up until now, he had seen several martial artists who used two swords. For instance, the Seven Profound Valleys’ Jiang Baoyun used two swords.

Dual Polarity Palace’s Zhong Wenshu was the same. He used twin black and white swords in order to display his distinctive Yin Yang Laws. This was also the reason for Dual Polarity Palace’s name. Yin and Yang, representing extreme polar opposites.

A double sword type martial artist often didn’t use both swords together. Rather, each sword had its own unique uses. A long sword was fast, tricky, and could change myriad times, but its striking power was lacking. When facing a crazy and savage frontal attack like Lin Ming’s Hundred Layered Waves, the sword light of a long sword would be far weaker in comparison and it would be extremely difficult to block such heavy-handed attacks.

Thus, they would bring out a second sword.

Although the Great Blood Sword had the shape of a sword, it wasn’t used for stabbing or slashing. Rather, it was used to violently smash onto others.

This was another extreme of swordsmanship – the edgeless heavy sword!

Now, with Wu Finalcloud’s energy having increased by several times thanks to the Heavenly Demon Metamorphic Art, his strength and striking power had risen to a ridiculous level. It was incomparable from the past!

“Hehe, let me give you a warning. This Great Blood Sword is forged from crimson blood metal and is 1.2 million jins heavy. When I am in the condition of the Heavenly Demon Metamorphic Art, my Great Blood Sword can display its greatest strength!”

It was impossible for an essence gathering system martial artist to have the bodily strength of a body transformation system martial artist. But, if they poured enough true essence into their weapon, they could also similarly stimulate the movement of their weapon, no matter how heavy it was. The only disadvantage would be that they would lack the flexibility of a body transformation martial artist.

Lin Ming faintly smiled. “So you want to meet me in a head-on melee?”

“Let’s go!”

Wu Finalcloud roared and sprang upwards!

With such a massive counterweight, the rocks beneath his feet shattered into tiny fragments.


Wu Finalcloud’s sword came smashing down. But at this time, Lin Ming’s entire body was boiling over with excitement. This sort of fulfilling and wild battle was what he wished for!

All seven of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates opened! The power of the supreme dragon bone completely erupted!

Hah - !

A deafening dragon roar filled the air, as if a True Dragon were awakening within Lin Ming’s body!

All of the martial artists present heard this resounding dragon roar. They felt the blood energy within their body restlessly moving, gushing, tumbling about, even affecting their heartbeats.

This strength was…!?

Everyone was left horrified. Within the body transformation technique, the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace was the highest legend. Besides Empyrean Primordius, it was possible that no one had managed to step into that mystical boundary.

As for the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, although they weren’t considered to be a myth, the last two gates were still fabled existences. There was basically no one that had opened them, thus none of the martial artists present had seen it before.

After opening seven gates, Lin Ming’s pupils contracted. The muscles on his body popped up as he grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear, aimed it at Wu Finalcloud’s sword, and brought it crashing down!


The Great Blood Sword collided with the Phoenix Blood Spear. With these two people at the center, a massive nova of energy erupted outwards. Countless black rocks filled the air, completely shattering. A giant series of fissures cracked through the earth, spreading out like an infinite spiderweb!

In such a terrifying strike, even a top grade saint artifact would instantly break apart. But Lin Ming and Wu Finalcloud’s weapons were spirit artifacts and extremely high rank ones at that. Even after such an intense strike, they still weren’t damaged.

Ka ka ka!

The Phoenix Blood Spear curved into a crescent arc.

Lin Ming’s feet both sank underground. The rock beneath him broke apart again and again, nearly becoming dust!

“You!” Wu Finalcloud grasped his sword in both hands, his eyes colored with disbelief at the sight of Lin Ming. ”How could you be so strong? How is this possible!?”


Wu Finalcloud’s sword cut out once more!

Lin Ming swept out his spear once again!

Spear and sword crossed, the sound of metal grating on metal pierced through the world!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The two collided again! This was a brutal melee, a fight to the death to see who was stronger, who was faster!

As the two fought, all of the surrounding land was blasted away to nothing as countless fragments of stone rained down from the heavens. Every collision was like the ringing of a divine bell, a ruinous sound that echoed between the heavens and earth. Each ringing of this divine bell seemed to knock on the hearts of everyone present, causing their blood to tumble and surge within them!

The martial artists with weaker cultivations all paled, finding it impossible to stay nearby. Even if they wanted to stay close, they had no choice but to withdraw again and again. Otherwise, if they stayed, their organs would shatter and blood would leak from their heads until they died!

This was because as the two people fought, there was a massive amount of energy contained within the sound waves. A weaker martial artist would be shaken until they exploded to death!

Rumble rumble rumble!

Mountains and rivers shook. The earth trembled as countless black boulders tumbled down from nearby mountains, as if an earthquake was passing all throughout True Martial City!

This battle scene was incredible, unimaginable!

No one ever thought that a showdown between two peak masters of the True Martial Great World would evolve into such a scene.

Normally, when essence gathering system martial artists fought, they would display gorgeous and beautiful martial skills as they exchanged more and more moves. It would never be like the fight between these two, the most barbaric and savage method of directly struggling with strength!

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