Chapter 1209 – Strength Beyond Strength

Chapter 1209 – Strength Beyond Strength

Chi chi chi!

Lin Ming’s aura seemed to substantialize into essence, becoming as sharp as a spear edge and tearing through the air, thrusting towards Wu Finalcloud and grating against this protective true essence.

Wu Finalcloud remained indifferent. He calmly said, “What a wonderful aura! You indeed have some skills, but let’s see if you can withstand my aura!”

Wu Finalcloud shouted and his aura surged out like an endless ocean. This aura gathered together into a massive wave that hurtled into the horizon, washing away the clouds. All of the nearby participants were forced back again and again by this aura.

This was a truly powerful man, able to look down at the world with utter disdain!

“Haha! Elder Senior-apprentice Brother is too fierce!”

“Just by the power of his aura alone, Elder Senior-apprentice Brother is definitely the top powerhouse of the True Martial Great World. He even closes in on the power of an Empyrean descendant. If he sees a god he will kill a god. If he sees a Buddha he will kill a Buddha!”

“Who dared to say that Dragon Fang was fiercer than Elder Senior-apprentice Brother? If Elder Senior-apprentice Brother was to release his full strength, who could possibly stop him? Let alone this Lin Ming with his mere early Divine...

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