Chapter 1209 Strength Beyond Strength

Chapter 1209 – Strength Beyond Strength

Chi chi chi!

Lin Ming’s aura seemed to substantialize into essence, becoming as sharp as a spear edge and tearing through the air, thrusting towards Wu Finalcloud and grating against this protective true essence.

Wu Finalcloud remained indifferent. He calmly said, “What a wonderful aura! You indeed have some skills, but let’s see if you can withstand my aura!”

Wu Finalcloud shouted and his aura surged out like an endless ocean. This aura gathered together into a massive wave that hurtled into the horizon, washing away the clouds. All of the nearby participants were forced back again and again by this aura.

This was a truly powerful man, able to look down at the world with utter disdain!

“Haha! Elder Senior-apprentice Brother is too fierce!”

“Just by the power of his aura alone, Elder Senior-apprentice Brother is definitely the top powerhouse of the True Martial Great World. He even closes in on the power of an Empyrean descendant. If he sees a god he will kill a god. If he sees a Buddha he will kill a Buddha!”

“Who dared to say that Dragon Fang was fiercer than Elder Senior-apprentice Brother? If Elder Senior-apprentice Brother was to release his full strength, who could possibly stop him? Let alone this Lin Ming with his mere early Divine Sea cultivation! If he could truly defeat Elder Senior-apprentice Brother then his talent would be equal to that of an Empyrean descendant!”

Lin Ming was at the peak of the early Divine Sea. For him, the disparity between his cultivation and Wu Finalcloud’s wasn’t that significant. Lin Ming jumped ranks to fight masters like others ate meals and drank water. But, to a peak talent, the closer they reached to the limit, the greater an influencing factor their cultivation would become. If he were to jump two small boundaries to defeat someone as talented as Wu Finalcloud, then that would truly be unbelievable!

As Wu Finalcloud displayed his invincible grandeur, all of the surrounding True Martial Holy Land disciples stared with wide eyes. They closely looked at the battlefield lest they miss a single detail.


Wu Finalcloud stepped forth and the rocks beneath his feet cracked apart. This step seemed to step upon the hearts of everyone present, making their hearts skip a beat.

“Let me take a good look and see whether or not you have the ability to have me use my transcendent divine might!”

As Wu Finalcloud spoke these words, while the disciples from the True Marital Holy Lands weren’t surprised, all the other participants were all shocked.

Transcendent divine might!

These three words, to them, were absolutely legendary words!

“Wu Finalcloud actually knows a transcendent divine might?”

“Heavens, transcendent divine might! That is a top martial art created by an Empyrean!”

These disciples from ordinary Holy Lands and martial families were all shocked speechless, but their expressions were full of envy. A transcendent divine might was something that they couldn’t even look up to.

As for the disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands, a sense of pride rose within their hearts as they saw these people’s responses. Even if they didn’t qualify to learn a transcendent divine might, they were still proud that their own Holy Land could possess one.

The True Martial Holy Lands’ transcendent divine might was obtained by the True Martial World King during his youth when he adventured through the Divine Realm. In fact, the reason that a Great World King Holy Land could obtain a transcendent divine might was that their Great World King was far too strong. When these Great World Kings were in their youth, they could easily obtain a top three ranking if they joined a First Martial Meeting. Such a person had a monstrous destiny, so obtaining a transcendent divine might wasn’t too strange.

However, even if a Holy Land possessed a transcendent divine might, only the number one disciple of every generation would have the qualifications to study it at the True Martial Divine Palace. This was because there was only a single jade slip and it was also incomplete.

For a single jade slip, only a single person was allowed to perceive it. The True Martial Holy Lands had many people, and besides the current top geniuses there were also the high level figures that had to train in it. How could they ever allow an ordinary disciple to take a turn perceiving?

Moreover, because it was incomplete, if a young disciple wished to practice it then they would need the guidance of a top master. This was an even greater cost of learning. Besides a disciple like Wu Finalcloud, other disciples like Highdragon weren’t able to enjoy such treatment.

“Humph, our True Martial Holy Lands already had this transcendent divine might when our sect was founded. It isn’t anything strange at all if Senior-apprentice Brother Wu Finalcloud knows a transcendent divine might.”

A True Martial Holy Lands disciple said with a matter-of-course expression and tone. But in his heart, he was actually extremely satisfied.

“This is the legacy of a World King Holy Land. Although the True Martial Great World has Dual Polarity Palace, Sacred Martial Mansion, and many other World King Holy Lands, these other World King Holy Lands, whether it be in inheritances, qualifications, merits, wealth, number of geniuses – none of them are able to compare with our True Martial Holy Lands at all!”

As this True Martial Holy Lands disciple saw all of these geniuses from ordinary Holy Lands and martial families look at him, his heart was overjoyed. This was the same as a nobleman arriving in the countryside and seeing all the wealthy villagers looking at him with awe in their eyes. This would naturally form an inherent sense of superiority in their background.

They wouldn’t help but think, “These are nothing but beetles that haven’t seen the world.”

“You people can be considered as having broadened your horizons this time. For you to be able to experience someone who knows a transcendent divine might, you should be thanking that dumb brat Lin Ming. Otherwise, none of you would have the qualifications to see Senior-apprentice Brother Wu Finalcloud…”

A disciple though in his heart. But, he also wished that Lin Ming could last a bit longer, because he too hadn’t seen Wu Finalcloud use his transcendent divine might before.

At this time, within the center of the battlefield, Lin Ming was looking at Wu Finalcloud with indifference.

Transcendent divine might…

What was the True Martial Holy Lands’ transcendent divine might?

In the past, when Lin Ming had fought the Crimson Light Holy Lands’ Crimson Strifecloud, what Crimson Strifecloud practiced wasn’t a true transcendent divine might, but a cultivation method that the Crimson Light World King had perceived through a shattered jade slip. Ultimately, it could only be considered the Crimson Light World King’s self-created technique.

The self-created cultivation method of the Crimson Strife World King versus the original cultivation method of an Empyrean – the two were obviously incomparable.

From this, one could see an obvious disparity. Although Crimson the Light Holy Lands were also a Great World King Holy Land, they were clearly inferior to the True Martial Holy Lands.

At this time Wu Finalcloud finally attacked. His sword released a 10,000 foot beam of golden light. The vorpal sword energy cut through all barriers.

“Blade Light Illuminating the World!”

The sword slashed out and that 10,000 foot long beam of light split through the skies and sundered the earth. The sword energy tore through the ground, leaving a gaping hole in the world.

In the face of such an aggressive sword strike, Lin Ming remained calm. He opened the Heretical God Force and raised the Phoenix Blood Spear high above his head before bringing it crashing down. With an indomitable momentum, it crashed into the ground. With a loud explosive sound, a massive shockwave even greater than Wu Finalcloud’s spread outwards, rolling up into the heavens. Where it went, countless rocks shattered and bits of stone soared into the skies.

The spear light and sword light collided. For a time, all the sound between the heavens and the earth was swallowed up by this strike. The terrifying impact formed a monstrous shockwave that savagely erupted!

Countless boulders collapsed and even nearby mountains cracked. All of the surrounding martial artists cried out in alarm and pushed their protective true essence to the limit, retreating again and again. Some people were sent flying backwards and were vomiting mouthfuls of blood. Although these were all genius disciples that stood thousands of feet away to watch the fight, they were still wounded by the shockwaves.

From this the momentum of the two martial artists’ battle could be seen.

At this time, Lin Ming stepped forwards. His body turned into a vague blue blur. He opened all seven gates and his strength instantly rose to millions upon millions of jins. The current Lin Ming could be called a vicious beast in human form!

“Use your transcendent divine might!”

Celestial Tyrant Manual – Hundred Layered Waves!


A supernatural strength that surpassed a hundred million jins erupted, completely pouring into the Phoenix Blood Spear. Such a focused explosive power was something that a sword could not block.

Wu Finalcloud’s pupils contracted. He could see that it was impossible for him to block Lin Ming’s spear strike so his body suddenly blurred.

As the highest top junior master of the True Martial Holy Lands, Wu Finalcloud was no ordinary man. While he had extremely high attainments in striking power, his movements were equally extraordinary. As his figure blurred, he split apart into 108 afterimages, all of them completely indiscernible from each other.

“What bold words. Who cares how strong your spear strike is? If it cannot touch the enemy then it is useless. My movement technique may not be a transcendent divine might but it is still a top movement technique that was created by the True Martial World King!”

Wu Finalcloud recklessly laughed. Although a spear was stronger than a sword, as long as his movement technique was formidable enough, he would be able to avoid it.

Lin Ming faintly smiled. His energy focused within his inner world. The Heretical God Force opened, the Heavenly Demon martial intent erupted!

Ho - !

As a blood red lotus bloomed in the world, a vast and boundless energy enveloped the entire region.

Grandmist space – open!

Wu Finalcloud’s movement technique was originally part of the Concept of Speed. However, underneath the shroud of the grandmist space, 107 of the 108 afterimages suddenly vanished, leaving only Wu Finalcloud’s true form. Even Wu Finalcloud felt his body being affected by the grandmist space. His strength dropped by a tremendous scale and he found it increasingly difficult to move true essence within his body.

What sort of force field was this!?

As Wu Finalcloud was stunned in surprise, Lin Ming had already rushed in front of him!

The Phoenix Blood Spear in his hand came crashing down!

Wu Finalcloud’s eyes widened. He slashed out with his sword, cutting down at Lin Ming.


Underneath the strength of 100 million jins, Wu Finalcloud’s sword light was easily torn apart. The Phoenix Blood Spear continued onwards, crashing onto Wu Finalcloud’s head!

Wu Finalcloud’s complexion changed. “True Martial Body Barrier Art!”

As Wu Finalcloud saw the Phoenix Blood Spear about to strike him, he shouted out loud and a thick golden barrier appeared around his body. This was the Metal Laws.

The True Martial Holy Lands included masters of countless mystic arts. Every disciple could find a Law and cultivation method that suited themselves the most.

Lin Ming disregarded this new development and continued smashing his spear downwards. As his spear struck the golden barrier, there was a loud crackling sound as myriad cracks appeared in the barrier before it completely broke open!

However, because of the slight delay offered by this golden barrier, Wu Finalcloud was able to bring back his spirit artifact sword and send out a second sword strike!


The brilliant sword light collided with the Phoenix Blood Spear. Wu Finalcloud was sent hurtling backwards as if he had been struck by a mountain.

This tremendous amount of strength had not been completely diverted. A great part of it passed into Wu Finalcloud’s body, causing the blood within to tumble.

Only after flying back several miles was he able to stop himself and stand tall.

In this single exchange, Wu Finalcloud had suffered a serious loss. He forcefully calmed the roiling blood within his body and glared at Lin Ming, his complexion ugly.

“You…” Wu Finalcloud was unable to believe just how terrifying the explosive force in Lin Ming’s attack had been. Was he really only at the early Divine Sea!?

“What force field is that!?!?”

Lin Ming didn’t answer. He only faintly said, “Use your transcendent divine might.”

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