Chapter 1208 – Peak Battle of the True Martial Great World

Chapter 1208 – Peak Battle of the True Martial Great World

Throughout the broad Demon Sealing Ridge, there were many hidden glens and valleys. These valleys were deep and secretive. If one entered in and sealed up the entrances with array formations, it would become a relatively safe place to train.

At this time, Lin Ming had sealed up a valley and was meditating within.

With the dreamland energy he absorbed from Highdragon, Lin Ming nourished the third divine dream mark. This divine dream mark was now glowing with a brilliant light, just a hint away from reaching perfection.

“A human body’s essence, energy, and divine, each one corresponds to a different cultivation system… similarly, the Magic Cube, Demon Bead, and Purple Card each correspond to one aspect of essence, energy and divine. This shouldn’t be a coincidence, but one of the truths that originally existed in this universe. For these countless years, these three cultivation systems had constantly grown and been developed, but because of the current rules of the universe, cultivating the essence gathering system...

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