Chapter 1208 Peak Battle of the True Martial Great World

Chapter 1208 – Peak Battle of the True Martial Great World

Throughout the broad Demon Sealing Ridge, there were many hidden glens and valleys. These valleys were deep and secretive. If one entered in and sealed up the entrances with array formations, it would become a relatively safe place to train.

At this time, Lin Ming had sealed up a valley and was meditating within.

With the dreamland energy he absorbed from Highdragon, Lin Ming nourished the third divine dream mark. This divine dream mark was now glowing with a brilliant light, just a hint away from reaching perfection.

“A human body’s essence, energy, and divine, each one corresponds to a different cultivation system… similarly, the Magic Cube, Demon Bead, and Purple Card each correspond to one aspect of essence, energy and divine. This shouldn’t be a coincidence, but one of the truths that originally existed in this universe. For these countless years, these three cultivation systems had constantly grown and been developed, but because of the current rules of the universe, cultivating the essence gathering system was the most practical.

“If I’m not wrong, the Magic Cube, Demon Bead, and Purple Card are the three highest divine tools that assist in soul cultivation, body transformation, and essence gathering, three different types of cultivation system. With them in hand, one can cultivate the corresponding system with twice the results and half the effort. When Empyrean Primordius fought with Empyrean Thunder Punishment in the past, the reason was 90% because of the Demon Bead. Empyrean Primordius should have also trained in dual body and energy cultivation. And with his Empyrean realm cultivation as well as the support of the Demon Bead, he finally stepped into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!”

Lin Ming could feel that his understandings of these ancient secrets were becoming increasingly clear. For the Verdant Feather Holy Lands to be able to obtain the Magic Cube was a complete stroke of luck. Countless hundreds of millions of years ago when the Magic Cube first appeared, it was likely also obtained by some martial artist as a massive lucky chance and likely even set off a bloody catastrophe.

“If I can obtain the Magic Cube, Demon Bead, and Purple Card together, and then cultivate essence, energy, and divine, I wonder just what boundary my strength will reach…”

Lin Ming was unable to imagine how high such a boundary would be.

Empyrean Primordius and Empyrean Divine Dream had reasons for being known as the most formidable existences amongst Empyreans. This was because while they trained in the essence gathering system, they also trained in another system and had extremely high attainments in that too. This was something that other Empyreans could not compare with.

“I’m focusing on essence gathering and body transformation now, but if I could obtain the Purple Card and Demon Bead then that would be great.”

Lin Ming realized that in truth, the Magic Cube was the least valuable of the three divine tools to him. This was because his achievements in soul cultivation were the lowest.

“Once I’m strong enough, I definitely have to return to the Eternal Demon Abyss… I’ll look around and see what secrets are within. Perhaps the Demon Bead might really be inside…”

As Lin Ming thought this, he suddenly heard a faint and fuzzy voice shouting from the distance. Because these shouts echoed through the forests and valleys and layers of clouds, they had connected together in a stretch of sound that made it hard to distinguish between the syllables.

Within this blurry stretch of sound, Lin Ming heard his own name.


Lin Ming’s eyebrows arched up. His figure moved and in the next moment he had left the valley.

After flooding his ears with true essence, Lin Ming was finally able to clearly hear these shouts.

“Lin Ming, your death has come! Hurry up and accept your death!

“Lin Ming, my True Martial Holy Lands’ Elder Senior-apprentice Brother is waiting for you at the city gates, do you dare to fight him!?

“Lin Ming, you damned turtle, are you too scared!?”

With multiple disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands continuously shouting with true essence in their voices, they were able to cover the entire scope of Demon Sealing Ridge.

“True Martial Holy Land’s Elder Senior-apprentice Brother, is that Wu Finalcloud?”

Lin Ming remembered the name that the disciples of Five Flower Mountain had told him about. He was ranked first in merit points within the entire True Martial Great World!

His strength was considered inferior to that of Dragon Fang, but he should still be the second strongest master in the entirety of the True Martial Great World.

“Wu Finalcloud is awaiting my challenge at the gates to True Martial City?”

Lin Ming rubbed his chin, a thoughtful smile on his face. “How interesting. I was originally planning to look for you, but you’re the one who looks for me instead. Moreover, you’re declaring a challenge against me in such an arrogant manner. If I didn’t go, wouldn’t that just be unfair to you?”

Fighting Wu Finalcloud was one of Lin Ming’s most fervent desires right now. Out of all the disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands, he was the one with the highest number of merit points. If Lin Ming killed him then he would be able to obtain a considerable amount of dreamland energy, enough to bring his fourth divine dream mark to near perfection.

As the many disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands shouted in the skies, it wasn’t just Lin Ming who heard them, but also all of the other participants hunting in Demon Sealing Ridge.

“Who is Lin Ming? He’s actually someone that Wu Finalcloud deems worthy to challenge? Is he that fellow that has been repeatedly attacking disciples from the True Martial Holy Lands for these past days in Demon Sealing Ridge?”

“Yes, that’s him! I came from Immemorial Imperial City so I know of him. At the Imperial City Auction, Lin Ming is the one who bought the Boundless World Pill with 7 trillion violet sun stones.”

“What? 7 trillion? Violet sun stones!?”

As this figure of 7 trillion violet sun stones was spoke, many participants were dumbfounded. Most of them came from ordinary Holy Land level influences, so to them 7 trillion was an astronomical figure.

“It was definitely violet sun stones. This Lin Ming is extremely powerful. He killed many masters and he doesn’t keep his profile low either. Now, because he kept bullying those low level disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands… I think that the True Martial Holy Lands are finally mobilizing against him…”

“The True Martial Holy Lands are used to being the strongest and most domineering force around, and they don’t allow others to challenge their dignity. I don’t know whether or not he’ll accept this challenge, but let’s go to the city gates to have a look anyways.”

“Mm, I’m also thinking the same thing.”

The many martial artists of Demon Sealing Ridge, after hearing the challenge of the True Martial Holy Lands, rushed towards True Martial City.

In this rush of people were also many of Lin Ming’s enemies – Sacred Martial Mansion’s three prodigies as well as Zhong Wenshu.

“This Lin Ming, he really brought about his own death. To think that he dared to provoke the True Martial Holy Lands! Hahaha!” Zhong Wenshu gloated, taking pleasure in Lin Ming’s troubles.

“Although I can’t kill him myself, seeing him die will make me feel much better.” Sacred Yueping echoed.

However, Sacred Martial Mansion’s Sacred Tianhao remained silent, lost in thought. He had a profound memory of Lin Ming’s great strength. Moreover, there was that unfathomably deep feeling that he felt from Lin Ming. Even if it was Wu Finalcloud, whether he could kill Lin Ming was still an unknown.

“Let’s go! We’re going to return to the city and enjoy this play!” Sacred Yueping excitedly said.


Soon, many participants were gathered at the majestic True Martial City. The skies above the city were a zone that forbade fighting. Many martial artists gathered in this safety zone so they could watch the fight in peace.

At this time, at the gates of True Martial City, seven or eight disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands were standing side by side. These seven or eight people were all core disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands.

And in front of them was a dragon throne cast from metal. The back of this throne was engraved with images of dragons and phoenixes. Wu Finalcloud sat on this dragon throne. He wore white clothes and he reclined imperiously, his chest resting against a raised fist in a languid posture.

“Elder Senior-apprentice Brother, this boy might be too scared to show up. If he doesn’t come then we’ll have waited in vain.” Several True Martial Holy Land disciples said.

Wu Finalcloud faintly smiled. He said, “There is no need to worry. He is coming… and he will appear right now.”


Several people looked towards the horizon. In that direction, they could make out the vague shadow of someone’s figure. It was a blue-clothed youth and he was racing towards them at an incredible speed. In just a breath of time, he had appeared in front of them from the distant horizon.

“It’s really him!”

“He actually came, he’s quite the brave one!”

Ho - !

Lin Ming steadily fell onto the giant square in front of True Martial City. His arrival attracted the eyes of all present.

Those that hadn’t seen Lin Ming before all rushed forwards to see just who this fellow was. They wanted to see just what kind of freak would dare to openly provoke the True Martial Holy Lands and even cause Wu Finalcloud to take action.

“He’s Lin Ming!”

“He doesn’t seem like anything special.”

As these people first saw Lin Ming, they didn’t notice anything special about him. They only saw that his true essence was thicker than usual and his eyes were far brighter and keener than expected. But just by depending on these two things it was extremely difficult to judge his strength.

“Lin Ming?” Wu Finalcloud directly asked, sitting up from his dragon throne.

“Wu Finalcloud?” Lin Ming didn’t answer, instead asking another question. As he spoke, his lips curved up in a sly smile, a tint of excitement coloring his face.

“How interesting!” Wu Finalcloud stood up. “It seems that you’re confident in yourself. It’s as if you think you won’t lose this fight…”

“And you’re the same.” Lin Ming slowly took out the Phoenix Blood Spear from the Extreme Violet Ring. His right hand grasped the spear shaft and he drew an icy cold arc in the air. Then, he pointed it towards Wu Finalcloud, the provocation evident in his eyes.

“It seems we are both confident in our strength!”

Wu Finalcloud sneered. He took out a spirit artifact sword from his spatial ring. Nearly everyone from the True Martial Holy Lands used swords.

“Words are useless. Let’s fight!”

With those words, Lin Ming’s aura suddenly surged. In that moment, he was like an unassailable mountain peak, leaving one unable to see his limits.

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