Chapter 1207 Wu Finalcloud

Chapter 1207 – Wu Finalcloud

At this time, floating at the center of True Martial City was the grandest and most magnificent palace of the entire city. The palace was a dark gray all over and it exuded a solemn and dignified aura. Just by approaching it, one could feel a vast and boundless energy, making one feel a sense of fear in their heart.

This palace, within the real world Divine Realm, was the central headquarters of the True Martial Holy Lands at True Martial City.

The main sect location of the True Martial Holy Lands was True Martial Mountain. True Martial Mountain was a separate spatial dimension that the True Martial World King had created using his tremendous supernatural powers. The size of True Martial Mountain was equal to a massive planet.

As for their True Martial City headquarters, that was only an outer headquarters of the True Martial Holy Lands, something that belonged to the secular world. But even so, these headquarters were the most sacred grounds of the real world’s True Martial City. Usually, no one was allowed to come close to it.

And in the divine dream space, the situation was almost the same as in the real world.

No disciples that weren’t from the True Martial Holy Lands were allowed to enter the space around this gray floating palace. And even then, only direct disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands were able to enter.

This was the most dignified symbol of the True Martial Holy Lands.

At this time, within the gray palace, a youth in white robes was sitting on a grandiose throne, his eyes closed in meditation.

There was a blood red diamond mark between this man’s eyebrows. His eyebrows were like swords, his looks were a bit above ordinary, his shoulders were broad, his fingers slender, and beside him were layers of runes dancing in the air.

And at this moment, there was a light humming sound as a sound transmitting talisman lit up in front of this youth, blazing and brilliant.


The white-robed youth opened his eyes.

“Junior-apprentice Brother Highdragon has died! Who dares?”

The white-robed youth stood up. His body turned into a stream of light as he flew out of the gray palace. He stood atop the dome of the palace, his white clothes fluttering in the wind.

A moment later, a man and a woman wearing the sect clothing of the True Martial Holy Lands flew before him.

The True Martial Holy Lands symbol on their clothes was larger than that of an ordinary disciple.

These were the third and seventh ranked martial artists of the True Martial Great World. Within the True Martial Great World, the True Martial Holy Lands occupied almost 60% of the top 20 rankings!

The percentage was quite terrifying.

“Elder Senior-apprentice Brother, Junior-apprentice Brother Highdragon has died!”

The man said. Out of all the True Martial Holy Land disciples, for there to be someone that wasn’t referred to by their surname and also without any changes to their name, and instead called Elder Senior-apprentice Brother, there was only one. That was the number one disciple of the True Martial Holy Lands – Wu Finalcloud!

This white-clothed youth was Wu Finalcloud!

The man continued to say, “Two hours ago, ranked 11 Junior-apprentice Brother Dong Lian discovered that his rank rose by one. However, his merit points hadn’t changed. He suspected that one of the top 10 participants died, but out of the top 10 rankings, our True Martial Holy Lands occupy six of the spots. Junior-apprentice Brother Dong Lian was worried that something happened to us so he used a sound transmitting talisman to contact us. In the end, only Junior-apprentice Brother Highdragon didn’t respond. Moreover, all of the participants behind Junior-apprentice Brother Highdragon rose by one rank, and all of the participants ahead of him stayed the same. This is proof that Junior-apprentice Brother Highdragon died.”

“Do we know how he died? Was it a nightmare beast or a participant?” Wu Finalcloud grimly said. With Highdragon’s strength, it was impossible for ordinary nightmare beasts to kill him. But, there were always some strange and exceptional variation existences within the nightmare beasts that had the possibility to threaten a top 10 ranked master of a great world. For instance, that red-furred monster.

“It should be a participant!” The man firmly said.

Wu Finalcloud’s complexion darkened. A month ago when Dragon Fang had challenged the majesty of the True Martial Holy Lands, that incident had caused him to lose face and caused many thorns to appear in his heart. And now, he never imagined that a disciple of the True Martial Holy Lands would be killed, and a peak disciple at that.

“Elder Senior-apprentice Brother, I’ve already investigated the matter behind this. It seems that Junior-apprentice Brother Highdragon went to Demon Sealing Ridge to search for someone. Two days ago, Junior-apprentice Brother Highdragon borrowed the intelligence network of the True Martial Holy Lands to seek out a martial artist that used a red spear. We have already found out who that man is. That red spear martial artist is called Lin Ming. He was the one who bought the Boundless World Pill at the Imperial City Auction! This is something that Junior-apprentice Sister Rainbow knows of.”

As the man spoke, the woman behind him nodded. She was a slender woman with wheat-colored skin. She looked healthy, fit, and wild, like someone who lived out in the desolate countryside. If Lin Ming was here he would recognize that this woman was one the True Martial Holy Land geniuses he saw when he first arrived at the Divine Dream World.

She faintly smiled and said, “Mm, I saw him when I first arrived in the Divine Dream World. I originally didn’t place him in my eyes, but now it seems that his strength has far exceeded my expectations…”

“Oh?” The white-robed youth’s eyebrows moved. “How did he exceed your expectations?”

“According to what I know, the several top masters of Immemorial Imperial City, otherwise known as Sacred Martial Mansion’s three prodigies Sacred Tianhao, Sacred Yueping, Sacred Yanran, and also Dual Polarity Palace’s Zhong Wenshu, were all killed by Lin Ming. After that incident, all of them came to True Martial City.”

“Humph!” Wu Finalcloud coldly snorted. “What kind of Sacred Martial Mansion three prodigies? Sacred Martial Mansion’s World King is only someone that stumbled across some lucky chance and reluctantly managed to break into the World King realm. He established his own influence several tens of thousands of years ago and could be considered as having ability, but to think that he actually dares to call himself the Sacred Martial World King!”

Wu Finalcloud was clearly filled with disdain towards the Sacred Martial World King. His sect was called the True Martial Holy Lands, thus the Sacred Martial World King had only been able to come up with the name of ‘Sacred Martial’. If it weren’t for the True Martial World King having a calm demeanor and being indifferent to such matters, then he would simply have needed to use some methods and Sacred Martial Mansion would either have to obediently change their name or cease to exist.

“This boy called Lin Ming, if he was able to buy the Boundless World Pill at the Imperial City Auction, he should also have stumbled across some great lucky chance. Otherwise, it’s impossible for him to have the financial resources to purchase such a pill. Even for my True Martial Holy Lands, while we have Starbind Bank, the Imperial City Auction House, as well as the many trading companies and other industries on the True Martial Great World, although we have gathered resources for a million years, we rarely provide such top class luxurious pills like the Boundless World Pill to direct disciples! Only when they have made enough contributions to the sect, or their talent defies the will of the heavens, are they provided a single one!”

“That’s right. This Lin Ming definitely stumbled across some massive lucky chance. His background seems to be extremely ordinary. After we investigated him, we found out that his background is only a peak Holy Land sect, the Ancient Phoenix Clan.”

“Peak Holy Land? That is even worse than Sacred Martial Mansion!” Wu Finalcloud casually said. With his status, he simply didn’t even bother with Holy Land level influences.

“Yes, but this Lin Ming’s talent is beyond extraordinary and he has encountered his own great lucky chances. He simply cannot be considered to be on the same level as a disciple from an ordinary Holy Land. His character is ruthless and decisive too. When he first arrived at True Martial City he killed many people at Demon Sealing Ridge, and even stole the hunting grounds that the low level disciples of my True Martial Holy Lands were using. If anyone dares to resist him even a little bit, he will instantly kill them off.”

As the woman spoke to here, Wu Finalcloud’s eyes turned cold. “He dares to kill the disciples of my True Martial Holy Lands… even Dragon Fang didn’t have such gall…”

True Martial City’s Dragon Fang was considered the top master of the True Martial Great World. There was no one from the True Martial Holy Lands that dared to provoke Dragon Fang. And in return, Dragon Fang didn’t attack disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands. The two sides were able to coexist peacefully.

As for Lin Ming, not even mentioning the top 10 ranked Highdragon, he had already killed dozens of other disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands. In Wu Finalcloud’s eyes, these low level disciples weren’t able to provide many merit points to Lin Ming. But, Lin Ming still killed them. This was the same as brutally slapping their True Martial Holy Lands in the face.

The wheat-skinned woman laughed, “Elder Senior-apprentice Brother, do you plan on dealing with Lin Ming?”

“I must kill him. He’s even more arrogant than Dragon Fang was and has ridden on the back of our True Martial Holy Lands. If I do not kill him, then others will think that my True Martial Holy Lands is easy to bully. In the future, there will be more and more people that challenge our authority. These people participating in the First Martial Meeting are all top level geniuses of their influences. In the future, they will be leaders and rulers. If we allow them to think that our True Martial Holy Lands is easy to bully, then the reputation of our True Martial Holy Lands in the Divine Dream World will begin to affect the real world. If that happens, future transactions in some of our businesses may become more difficult.”

In Wu Finalcloud’s opinion, if a sect was rampant and domineering, then that would cause others to secretly denunciate them. But, they would also be afraid of that sect, and would fear offending them. On the other hand, if that sect was weak instead, people would not fear that sect and would even think of taking endless advantages from them.

This was simply the nature of humans.

Thus, the reason that Wu Finalcloud displayed such strength in the First Martial Meeting was first to achieve a better result for the True Martial Holy Lands but also to inform all the future decision makers of these other great influences just how powerful the potential of their True Martial Holy Lands was. This was to make it so that when these great influences ever had any transactions with them in the future, they would not think of playing tricks with them.

“I have had our disciples seek out Lin Ming’s position. With his wild and widely known actions, we can find out where he is in just several hours. Do you want to go to Demon Sealing Ridge now?”

“No. I will wait for him at the city gates. Have him come here!”

Wu Finalcloud imperiously said. He was a very lofty character. For him to fly 3000 miles to Demon Sealing Ridge in order to challenge an unknown boy that was a disciple of an ordinary Holy Land, that was truly an action not worthy of his identity.

The man beside Wu Finalcloud laughed and said, “That’s right, Lin Ming should come to us. With Elder Senior-apprentice Brother’s status, how could we possibly look for him? I only fear that the boy won’t have the courage to come to us.”

“Humph! If he’s so arrogant then he shouldn’t be scared to battle me!”

“Okay. I’ll immediately go then.”

As the man spoke, he ignited a sound transmitting talisman and sent out a message.

For these past months, the True Martial Holy Lands had disciples especially responsible for moving information. This message was quickly transmitted to the disciples at Demon Sealing Ridge.

“Elder Senior-apprentice Brother is finally taking action, haha!” A True Martial Holy Lands inner court disciple said with delight as he obtained this message.

To them, their Elder Senior-apprentice Brother was a god-like existence. They couldn’t even believe that Dragon Fang surpassed their Elder Senior-apprentice Brother in strength.

“Awesome, that brat’s days are numbered! He’s been rampaging across Demon Sealing Ridge for so many days and bullying us into such a horrible situation. It’s like he thinks that our True Martial Holy Lands has no one to stop him!”

“Elder Senior-apprentice Brother wants us to find that boy as fast as possible and have him go to the gates of True Martial City to die. Let’s split up and look for him!” A disciple said, launching his movement technique to look for Lin Ming.

Another disciple laughed out loud, “Looking for Lin Ming isn’t easy. Instead of looking for him, I think we should…”

That disciple flew into the skies. He concentrated energy into his dantian, his body swelling up like a frog before he shouted out as loud as he could, “Lin Ming! Your death is here! My True Martial Holy Lands’ Elder Senior-apprentice Brother is waiting for you at True Martial City for a grand battle! Hurry up and meet your death! Hahahaha!”

With a special technique, this disciple was able to fuse true essence into his sound waves. His voice easily covered over a thousand miles, spreading to half of Demon Sealing Ridge.

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