Chapter 1207 – Wu Finalcloud

Chapter 1207 – Wu Finalcloud

At this time, floating at the center of True Martial City was the grandest and most magnificent palace of the entire city. The palace was a dark gray all over and it exuded a solemn and dignified aura. Just by approaching it, one could feel a vast and boundless energy, making one feel a sense of fear in their heart.

This palace, within the real world Divine Realm, was the central headquarters of the True Martial Holy Lands at True Martial City.

The main sect location of the True Martial Holy Lands was True Martial Mountain. True Martial Mountain was a separate spatial dimension that the True Martial World King had created using his tremendous supernatural powers. The size of True Martial Mountain was equal to a massive planet.

As for their True Martial City headquarters, that was only an outer headquarters of the True Martial Holy Lands, something that belonged to the secular world. But even so, these headquarters were the most sacred grounds of the real world’s True Martial City. Usually, no one was allowed to come close to it.

And in the divine dream space, the situation was almost the same as in the real world.

No disciples that weren’t from the True Martial Holy Lands were allowed to enter the space around this gray floating palace. And even then, only direct disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands were able to enter.

This was the most...

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