Chapter 1205 – Suppression of Absolute Strength

Chapter 1205 – Suppression of Absolute Strength


Lin Ming was shocked. This white-haired youth’s arm struck out like a python; it was even able to curl around, wrapping around weapons like a spiritual snake!

This was an extremely strange tactic. If he wasn’t familiar with his opponent then he would definitely suffer a loss on the first exchange of attacks.

As the disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands saw this, their eyes brightened.

“This is Senior-apprentice Brother’s specialty – the Life Laws!”

“He can change any part of his body as he wishes, including his muscles, skeleton, organs, even his arms can stretch hundreds of feet to overtake his enemies. This technique is flexible; no one can avoid it! This boy is over, haha!”

The True Martial Holy Lands’ disciples were all confident in Highdragon. Disregarding his talent, just Highdragon’s cultivation had already reached the late Divine Sea, and Lin Ming was only at the early Divine Sea. They didn’t believe that Lin Ming could win in a situation where he was two small boundaries below Highdragon.

As Lin Ming saw this soft sword pierce towards his chest and his Phoenix Blood Spear wrapped up in that weapon, he knew that it was impossible to avoid this attack. His mind suddenly focused into his inner world and energy erupted from his body.

Primordius martial intent – grandmist s...

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