Chapter 1204 Life Laws

Chapter 1204 – Life Laws

“Senior-apprentice Brother Highdragon?”

As the other martial artists heard the black-haired youth’s words, all of them looked up into the sky. They saw a white-haired man flying towards them. Although he didn’t seem to be flying too fast, his movements caused a whistling friction with the air, indicating that no one was able to judge his true speed.

In just several blinks of an eye, the white-haired man flew all the way from the distant horizon towards them. He fell down in a beam, landing on a large black boulder and causing it to crack in half, crushed stone flying into the air! Just his aura alone left everyone shocked.

After this white-haired youth stood tall, he looked at Lin Ming. Strong winds howled around him and his clothes fluttered in the wind, his hair dancing behind him.

His pupils were a light iron gray. And, what was strange was that the shape of his pupils were vertical slits, just like those of a snake.

A giant red snake was also coiled around his shoulders. This large snake had a horn protruding from its head, and its thick body writhed around the white-haired youth. The snake’s head was settled right beside the white-haired youth and it glared at Lin Ming, sharp fangs revealed.

As the several True Martial Holy Lands disciples saw that horned snake, all of them were overjoyed. “It really is Senior-apprentice Brother Highdragon!”

“Hah! Senior-apprentice Brother Highdragon is a top 10 ranked master of the True Martial Great World! We’re saved!”

“Humph, you know nothing. Senior-apprentice Brother Highdragon’s strength can rank above tenth place, he can be ranked at least seventh or sixth. It’s simply that Senior-apprentice Brother Highdragon doesn’t like to flaunt his skills.”

The sudden arrival of Highdragon drew praise and acclaim from all of the True Martial Holy Lands’ disciples. But, Highdragon clearly didn’t like this sort of praise. He faintly frowned, glancing over at the disciples and immediately silencing them. Then, those disciples switched to speaking about Lin Ming’s sins.

“Senior-apprentice Brother Highdragon, you have to help us junior-apprentice brothers! This spear-using fellow not only wanted to drive us out of our hard fought hunting grounds but he even attacked us!”

“Yeah, in these past two days this person has already killed many disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands. Moreover, he is strong so we can only allow ourselves to be bullied; we can’t even run away! He completely ignores the prestige of our True Martial Holy Lands!”

“He is far too arrogant! He doesn’t place our True Martial Holy Lands in his eyes!”

As these people spoke, several more beams of light fell down from the sky as more martial artists landed. These were the six martial artists that Lin Ming first killed upon arriving at Demon Sealing Ridge.

When enemies met, grudges would flare up once more. As the dark-skinned youth saw Lin Ming, he savagely laughed, saying, “Brat, we’ve spent a day and a half searching for you, and here you are. I knew that you were in Demon Sealing Ridge! You are too rampant for your own good, hahaha! Now let me see just how rampant you can be. You dare to say that our True Martial Holy Lands’ disciples are to deliver merit points to you, it’s as if you really want to die! From this point on, every time you step out of the city, our True Martial Holy Lands will hunt you down until you have zero merit points!”

“Hehe, Big Brother is right. Brat, if you know your limits then you’d better crawl on your knees and beg for mercy. We might decide to forgive you after killing you a few times.” The dark-skinned youth’s underling echoed.

But their words actually aroused Highdragon’s disgust. He coldly looked at those two, immediately shutting them up. The dark-skinned youth and his underling awkwardly laughed twice and then no longer spoke.

Highdragon turned to look at Lin Ming, and then slowly and coldly said, “You said that… you wish for the True Martial Holy Lands to look for you, and also that the disciples of my True Martial Holy Lands are to deliver merit points to you… right?”

Although Highdragon’s words were slow, they contained a deep pressure. If a martial artist with a weaker cultivation were to hear his question, they would find it difficult to withstand his pressure.

Lin Ming faintly smiled. “You came for that? Well, you’re right, I said that. Your True Martial Holy Lands is nothing but a bully that takes away the best hunting grounds. In this Demon Sealing Ridge, the best hunting places were all occupied by you fellows. Others are only able to share in a bit of the leftovers. If anyone comes close to you then they will be threatened or even killed. And, it’s only you killing others and not others killing you. How could there be such a truth in this world? Since some idiots dare to attack me and say that they want to kill me until my merit points are zero, I’ll do the same. I’ll stand right here and wait for you. If one of you comes then I’ll kill one of you. If two of you come then I’ll kill two of you.”

Lin Ming didn’t fear the pressure from Highdragon’s aura. In fact, he didn’t even feel it at all.

Highdragon remained silent. His eyes narrowed, but the light that burst out from his eyes contained an endless killing intent.

“I don’t care about what the reason is, and I also don’t care about how the disciples of my True Martial Holy Lands act. They are they, and I am I. If you had only killed the disciples of my True Martial Holy Lands, then I wouldn’t care about you at all. But since you dare to look down at my True Martial Holy Lands, your fate will be nothing but death!”

As Highdragon spoke, a sword appeared in his hand. This sword appeared extremely abruptly and no one was able to see just how it appeared. It was as if this sword had been in his hand from the start.

This sword was a spirit artifact.

The sword blade was crimson, a red as thick and lush as blood. It was thin, like a cicada’s wing and less than an inch wide. It appeared soft, as if it would naturally bend on its own, just like a blood jade belt.

Lin Ming looked at this sword, a bit startled. The stranger a weapon was, the more difficult it would be to deal with, because one wasn’t familiar in how to do so.

Of the present Highdragon, whether it was his weapon or that horned snake that wrapped around his body, everything about him was strange. If Highdragon met an opponent that was evenly matched or even slightly stronger, that person might feel some dread facing him. If they were not careful, they might be ruined by Highdragon’s strange abilities.

Lin Ming flourished the Phoenix Blood Spear. He shook his hand and the spear shaft suddenly trembled, emitting a faint buzzing sound.

Highdragon’s expression was blank. At this moment, the large snake around his shoulders suddenly emitted a brilliant red light. As this intense red light flashed, an unbelievable sight occurred. The body of that large snake seemed to melt down, all of it fusing into Highdragon’s body.

Lin Ming’s eyes widened. What was this? Was this the ability of a contract beast?

At this time, Highdragon moved. His movements were silent but his speed was phenomenal. In just an instant he had arrived right in front of Lin Ming, the soft sword in his hand thrusting straight towards him!

Highdragon’s movements were too fast. This was the same as snapping out a rope. The rope would be lax at the start, but as it continued onwards, the final snapped motion would exceed the initial speed as it struck the enemy. This sort of weapon was less like a sword and more like a whip!


With a light sound the red soft sword suddenly stretched forwards. The sword point was like a viper’s tongue, thrusting straight towards Lin Ming’s head.

As this soft sword approached him, Lin Ming felt the blood boil within his body. It was like the power of blood within his body was being pulled back by some strange force, ready to burst out from his body!

“Blood Laws?”

Lin Ming’s pupils widened. He revolved his true essence and relied on his powerful body transformation technique to suppress the restless blood energy within him. His body moved, turning into an afterimage as he drew backwards.


The sword light shot over Lin Ming’s shoulder, straight into the skies. Although it didn’t pierce Lin Ming, it still caused the blood energy within his body to tumble about.

Lin Ming’s sense followed the bright red sword light as it passed behind him. He saw the sword light flying through the skies and passing near a flying nightmare beast. Although the sword light was several hundred feet away from the nightmare beast, what was incredible was that as that sword light passed by the nightmare beast, the nightmare beast suddenly shook and its entire body burst apart like a broken bag of blood!

Bits of ruined flesh flew in all directions, causing a shower of blood!

In the blink of an eye that flying nightmare beast had been reduced to nothing but crushed meat and blood. Moreover, it hadn’t even been struck by Highdragon’s sword light. Its blood energy had simply been excited by that sword light.

This was one of the Concepts of the Blood Laws; it was capable of galvanizing the blood energy within an opponent and causing all of that blood energy to erupt. It was even able to draw out all of the flesh and blood essence from an opponent, causing their body to blow up.

As long as this sword light approached someone, such would be their fate!

Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath. This Highdragon’s methods of combat were far too ruthless and cunning. If a normal martial artist thought that they had dodged Highdragon’s sword light, they would have already died!

Even Lin Ming had been impacted a bit. He had absorbed the dragon marrow and phoenix blood so the power of blood within his body was extremely stable and strong. But on the other hand, the power of blood within his body was far more formidable than that of a normal martial artist. If his blood was pulled about by the Blood Laws, the energy that erupted would be that much greater.

“Mm? Body transformation martial artist!”

Highdragon had an extremely keen sensitivity towards the power of blood. He was able to see that Lin Ming was a body transformation martial artist, and his achievements in that aspect were very high.

“Blood Laws?” Lin Ming asked Highdragon, his eyes filled with excitement and surprise. He was very interested in Highdragon’s combat abilities and tactics. In fact, one of the reasons Lin Ming joined the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting was to experience a much broader stage. He wanted to experience all the peak talents throughout the entirety of the Divine Realm. These geniuses would have endless variations of abilities and tactics, and their comprehension of Laws would be just as varied and strange. The more Lin Ming experienced, the broader his horizons would be.

These people might not be Lin Ming’s match, but their combat techniques could help increase Lin Ming’s combat insight. If he were to run into a similar enemy in the future, he wouldn’t suffer a loss because of his opponent’s strange techniques.

Highdragon’s face was expressionless as he quietly said, “This is not the Blood Laws, but… the Life Laws!”

Before his voice fell, Highdragon rushed out once more. That thin and strange sword pierced towards Lin Ming again. Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up and he quickly drew back. Just as he was about to avoid Highdragon’s sword, another strange sight occurred. Highdragon’s body became extremely stretchy and flexible as if there wasn’t a single bone in his body. He stretched out his arm like a piece of dough, extending it hundreds of feet as his hand chased after Lin Ming!

A sword thrust towards Lin Ming’s chest!

This is…

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. Could a person’s body really change like this?

Lin Ming brought up the Phoenix Blood Spear and thrust it out, wanting to block the sword. However, just as the weapons were about to collide, that soft sword snuck up the Phoenix Blood Spear’s shaft, spiraling around it again and again as it lithely stabbed towards Lin Ming’s chest!

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