Chapter 1203 Highdragon

Chapter 1203 – Highdragon


The dark-skinned youth angrily rushed out of his dwelling, his long hair recklessly flying behind him, his face like that of a starving wolf. Closely behind him were his several fellow junior-apprentices and his underling.

These people were all seething with rage.

“Big Brother! That man actually dared to…!”

“There’s no need to say anything further. We will look for Senior-apprentice Brother Highdragon and have him pay for what he did!” The dark-skinned youth angrily said from between clenched teeth.

“Good, hehe, Senior-apprentice Brother Highdragon is ranked in the top 10 of this great world. This time we’ll be the ones to kill him!” The dark-skinned youth’s underling diabolically said.

“Humph! How can my True Martial Holy Lands be so easily bullied? His only option is to never leave the city, otherwise we’ll kill him every time we see him until he’s begging for mercy! Only then will I consider forgiving him.”

“Haha, what Big Brother said is right. We have to make sure he doesn’t move and obediently lets us all kill him to make up for our lost merit points.”

“That’s right!”

The several other martial artists echoed together. The dark-skinned youth traced his spatial ring and the light of a sound transmitting talisman shot through the skies. Within the Divine Dream World, one could use sound transmitting talismans just like in the real world.

The several people soon received a response.

“We’re in luck. Senior-apprentice Brother Highdragon hasn’t left to hunt but is still in the city. Let’s go see him!”


Everyone followed the dark-skinned youth and in several blinks of an eye, they arrived at their Senior-apprentice Brother Highdragon’s residence.

The dark-skinned youth respectfully stood in front of the door and said, “Senior-apprentice Brother Highdragon, True Martial Holy Lands’ White Martial Hall disciple Dong Xiao requests an audience!”

The dark-skinned youth said as he maintained his respectful pose. After some time, an indifferent voice came out from the room, “Enter.”


The dark-skinned youth cautiously opened the door. The room was extremely simple with only a single stone bed in the center. A white-haired youth sat cross-legged on the stone bed. A large red snake was wrapped around him. This red snake had a single horn on its head. It was a high level contract beast known as a unicorn dragon. As for Senior-apprentice Brother Highdragon’s nickname, it was because of this giant snake.

“I greet Senior-apprentice Brother Highdragon.”

The dark-skinned youth bowed. Highdragon nodded and said, “What is it?”

“Reporting to Senior-apprentice Brother, us White Martial Hall disciples have been hunting nightmare beasts in the third area grounds at Demon Sealing Ridge. But yesterday, an obnoxious boy completely unaware of the rules rushed into our hunting grounds. Not only did he ignore our advice, but he suddenly attacked us and killed us all!”

The dark-skinned youth’s voice was filled with outraged indignation. The five others with him also echoed him, as if they had suffered some great injustice.

Highdragon sneered and said, “I have no idea what you fellows have done, but you likely thought your opponent was easy to bully, thus you provoked him. Finally, you ended up kicking iron and were all killed instead. But no matter the reason, it is still unallowable for anyone to kill disciples of my True Martial Holy Lands. I will help you this one time.”

Being seen through by Highdragon, the dark-skinned youth was a bit embarrassed. But, as the dark-skinned youth heard that Highdragon would only help once, he was a bit unwilling as he said, “Senior-apprentice Brother Highdragon, killing him just one time is going too easy on him. We did think that he was the type that we could bully, but afterwards, when us brothers argued with him and said that we came from the True Martial Holy Lands, that boy only responded with a few words. He said, in his exact words, ‘I’m missing some merit points right now, so if you people are planning on delivering some snacks to me then go ahead, I’ll welcome all of you’. I can make an oath on my heart of martial arts that he said these words. I’m not exaggerating at all!”


Highdragon frowned, his face darkening. “He said that he wants the disciples of my True Martial Holy Lands to deliver merit points to him?”

“It’s completely true! The way he acted was far too arrogant, he simply doesn’t place our True Martial Holy Lands in his eyes!” The dark-skinned youth hurriedly said.

“I see.” Highdragon stood up, his eyes narrowing. But from within the slits of his eyes, one could make out a faint trace of icy cold killing intent.

The dark-skinned youth was overjoyed as he saw Highdragon’s new expression. He knew that Highdragon had finally been moved to a killing anger. This Senior-apprentice Brother Highdragon was usually a quiet man of few words, but once he was angered, the consequences were dire.

“Where is he?” Highdragon tersely asked.

“He should still be at Demon Sealing Ridge…”

Highdragon no longer spoke. He casually stepped forwards and left the room, flying straight towards Demon Sealing Ridge.

“This is great! Let’s go and follow him!”

The dark-skinned youth said to the several martial artists behind him, pleased as a peach.

“You damned brat, now you’re dead. If you originally only killed us then it wouldn’t have caused such serious consequences. With your cheap mouth, you’ve managed to provoke the anger of Senior-apprentice Brother Highdragon, haha!”

The dark-skinned youth wildly laughed. Then, he flew with the five other people towards Demon Sealing Ridge.


At this time, within the Good Fortune Great World, in the Unbroken Cult’s floating palace -

Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, as well as the Elders of the Unbroken Cult were gathered in a grand hall. From a window of this grand hall, one could see the distant horizon.

In the far off distance, one could see the incomparably massive Divine Seal Decree that seemed as if it connected the heavens and the earth together.

“Big Sister Qianyu, it seems that Brother Lin’s ranking has finally risen!” Qin Xingxuan happily said, “He suddenly rose 8000 ranks all of a sudden! Although he has slowed down, he is still steadily rising. It’s only rising, not falling at all!”

Lin Ming’s position had originally fallen down to around rank 296,000; he had been about to fall off the Divine Seal Decree altogether. Qin Xingxuan had been worried for him, but now his ranking had risen to 280,000.

This left Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu overjoyed. Mu Qianyu had also been the one to assure Qin Xingxuan that Lin Ming’s ranking would undoubtedly rise. The higher Lin Ming’s results were, the greater importance the Unbroken Cult would place on him and the easier it would be for them to meet Lin Ming again.

Mu Qianyu said, “When Lin Ming’s ranking rose by 8000, that should be because he killed some participants. But now that the speed of his rising has slowed down, that should be because he is killing nightmare beasts instead! If this continues, then Lin Ming will slowly return to the top 30,000 rankings.”

When Lin Ming killed the dark-skinned youth and his five companions, he had obtained over a million merit points from them. But, the dark-skinned youth and the others weren’t ranked on the Divine Sea Decree and their merit points weren’t very high to begin with. Thus, even though Lin Ming had killed six of them, he still didn’t rise by much.

In fact, in these past two months, there were many higher ranked participants who had an absurdly high number of merit points. The difference between them and Lin Ming was simply ridiculous.

“Hahaha! I said that with Young Hero Lin’s ability, he absolutely would not continue falling. I don’t know why, but for some strange reason Young Hero Lin waits until the final moments to move. But, as long as he moves he is amazing! Once Young Hero Lin puts in a bit more effort, his position will definitely rise. We just spoke a little bit and yet Young Hero Lin’s ranking has risen by over a dozen. According to this speed, he’ll be able to rise by 10,000-20,000 every day. With another month remaining, he will definitely rise back to the top 30,000 rankings. He might even rise to the top 20,000 rankings, haha!”

The Unbroken Cult’s Elder heartily laughed. “Two misses, there is no need to worry. Once the preliminaries end, Young Hero Lin will be brought over to where the semifinals will be held. At that time, I will personally escort you two to meet Young Hero Lin. The semifinals only have 10 million people participating. With Young Hero Lin’s results, finding him will definitely be easy.”

“Thank you, Great Elder. Us disciples, as well as our husband, will surely remember this graciousness.” Mu Qianyu sincerely said. She was well aware that the reason the Great Elder was doing all of this was because of Lin Ming. Thus, she mentioned Lin Ming to reassure the Great Elder.

As the Great Elder heard Mu Qianyu speak, he stroked his beard, a wide smile crossing his face.


Divine Dream World, Demon Sealing Ridge –

On a black mountain hundreds of times harder than steel, massive cracks dotted the landscape as if some giant beast had taken bites out of the mountain. Countless corpses of nightmare beasts fell from the sky, littering the land. They slowly dissipated, vanishing into pure energy that was absorbed by Lin Ming. There was nothing left behind but the rancid smell of blood that couldn’t seem to be washed away. A coppery tang filled the air.

“The energy of these ordinary nightmare beasts really isn’t enough. The only choice I have is to kill a few powerful monsters or find some top ranked participants with a great deal of merit points. If I continue obtaining dreamland energy like this, then who knows how long it will take to cultivate the third and fourth divine dream marks to perfection.”

Lin Ming thought out loud. He closed his eyes and all the powerful nightmare beasts and participants for a hundred miles appeared within his mind. He chose the direction with the highest concentration of energy and then his body flashed as he flew over.


A blue beam of light cut through the skies. In just several breaths of time, Lin Ming fell down, landing on a giant rock.

“Who is it!?”

As Lin Ming landed on the rock, several martial artists looked over to him. One of them began circulating his true essence, his entire body vigilant as he turned his weapons towards him.

They all wore the uniform sect clothing of the True Martial Holy Lands. The symbol of the True Martial Holy Lands was stitched onto their robes. But, as these martial artists saw Lin Ming appear, all of them looked ill.

“It’s that spear master that has been popping up everywhere lately!”

“Yes! That red spear is unmistakable!”

For the last two or three days, Lin Ming had been killing strong nightmare beasts in Demon Sealing Ridge. There were some martial artists that didn’t place Lin Ming in their eyes and wanted to deal with him, but the end result was that all of them were cleanly killed off by him instead. Some of Lin Ming’s battles were naturally seen by other martial artists.

Between the different participants, different cliques would form, and they would also share information between each other. Thus, in Demon Sealing Ridge, a powerful person would easily become infamous. Although there would be some idiots recklessly attacking these people from the start, once these strong individuals repeatedly revealed their formidable strength, everyone would slowly begin to hide from them instead.

Lin Ming was currently in such a situation.

If a normal martial artist appeared in the domain of the True Martial Holy Lands, then they would have already been driven away. But Lin Ming was different: the disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands feared him instead.

“Friend, do you plan on stealing this place away?” Out of the several True Martial Holy Land disciples, a black-haired youth grimly spoke up.

Lin Ming faintly smiled, “In the preliminaries, the Divine Dream World is a place where all participants may freely hunt as they wish. All hunting grounds here are ownerless, so how can I possibly steal anything away from you?”

“You…!” The black-haired youth’s face darkened, but he didn’t dare to attack. He knew that he wasn’t Lin Ming’s match, but he couldn’t bear the shame and anger of retreating like this.

As he was stuck in this conundrum, he suddenly heard an uproarious laughter fill the air. He turned around to see a blurry shadow flying towards him.

“That is… Senior-apprentice Brother Highdragon? Haha, Senior-apprentice Brother Highdragon has arrived… wonderful!”

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