Chapter 1201 – Murder

Chapter 1201 – Murder

With the direction of Five Flower Mountain’s three disciples, Lin Ming found a very good residence at True Martial City. And, as the several people walked along, he was able to glean a general situation of True Martial City’s masters through their conversations together.

And of the strongest characters, because they hadn’t yet formally fought each other, it was impossible to say just who was stronger or weaker. One was only able to obtain a general feeling.

Most people believed that Dragon Fang was the number one master of the True Martial Great World. Dragon Fang was only a nickname; no one knew his true name. Within the Divine Dream World, many people used a nickname.

Dragon Fang’s weapon was the Dragon Fang Blade. His origin was a mystery. He didn’t come from the True Martial Holy Lands, and it was possible that he didn’t come from a World King level Holy Land. As for where he truly came from, no one knew.

But, what everyone knew for certain was that Dragon Fang’s merit points ranking was not number one, but ranked in the top five.

The number one ranking belonged to the top genius of the True Martial Holy Lands - Wu Finalcloud.

Wu Finalcloud was also undoubtedly one of the strongest participants within the True Martial Great World.

After Lin Ming learnt all this, he suspiciously asked, “If Wu Finalcloud is ranked first,...

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