Chapter 1200 – Rescue

Chapter 1200 – Rescue

“This is True Martial City…”

Lin Ming looked at the giant city before him. Compared to the broad and bustling Immemorial Imperial City, True Martial City seemed much smaller. But, the aura that this city emitted was actually far more suppressing than that of Immemorial Imperial City. Just the city walls of True Martial City were completely forged with saint artifact level metal, and with the massive arrays that powered it, it could be called indestructible!

Lin Ming spread out his divine sense. He discovered that there weren’t many masters around him. This was also quite normal. In most situations, the masters would be gathered at hunting grounds near the city with high level nightmare beasts. Or, they would be within the city itself. Currently, Lin Ming was still several hundred miles away from True Martial City, so there weren’t many martial artists nearby.

“At present, I should be ranked around 100-200 in this great world. After the second round of eliminations began, all of the nightmare beasts evolved and the merit points of the participants should also be increasing.”

Lin Ming thought out loud. He set forwards, deciding to enter the city and look for a residence to settle himself in before heading out again to hunt. But then, at this moment,...

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