Chapter 120 - Icefrost Guard

Chapter 120 Icefrost Guard.


Chapter 120 – Icefrost Guard

Lin Ming sent Wang Yuhan a true essence sound transmission and rapidly listed the materials he required and how he needed them processed. Many of these material preparation instructions were exceedingly complex and detailed.

However, Wang Yuhan had a deep history of inscription technique learnings, and her memory was quite keen. Lin Ming spoke what would seem like an endless string of unintelligible garble, but Wang Yuhan only nodded and said, “Understood,” before proceeding to prepare the complex materials.

Wang Yuhan was very skillful at processing the various materials. Each time a material passed through her hands, it was like a magician that was working his magic with smoke and fire. The materials changed to a glossy color, and this tedious procedure, under Wang Yuhan’s dexterous and pale fingers, was filled with a beautiful esthetic sense like passing clouds and flowing water.

In terms of processing materials, Lin Ming felt that Wang Yuhan’s skill at this task was above his. The majority of inscription apprentices’ first contact with inscription techniques was with handling and processing materials, but Lin Ming had actually skipped this step and gone straight to the top.

Assisted by Wang Yuhan, Lin Ming’s inscription symbol plan proceeded much more smoothly.

Lin Ming...

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