Chapter 1198 – The Mysterious Monster

Chapter 1198 – The Mysterious Monster

True Martial Great World – dreamland space –

3000 miles southwest of True Martial City, there was a long and winding mountain range called the Demon Sealing Ridge. On Demon Sealing Ridge, the trees towered high into the skies and vicious beasts roamed everywhere. In the real world, the Demon Sealing Ridge was a training ground of normal Divine Sea powerhouses. But in the dreamland space, Demon Sealing Ridge became dozens of times more dangerous. If a normal Divine Sea powerhouse was here then they would die instantly. Even a weak Divine Transformation powerhouse would find their life threatened.

Thus, in this dreamland space, those that came to adventure here were the top 200 ranked masters of the entire True Martial Great World.

Even so, there were still deaths.

Rumble rumble rumble rumble!

A terrifying explosion sounded through the mountains with countless shock waves surging outwards. A group of 10 people were sent soaring backwards, tossed into the air like a handful of straw.

In such an intense explosion, a hideous-looking nightmare beast with its entire body covered with spikes slowly fell to the ground, utterly dead.

This sort of violent hunting...

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