Chapter 1196 – True Martial City

Chapter 1196 – True Martial City

As the Unbroken Cult Great Elder was looked at by Mu Qianyu, he had no idea what expression to make or what words to say. He was in an extremely complex mood at this moment.

For such a top class character like Lin Ming, how could his wives be found in a little sect like his? This was simply inconceivable.

“Well… two misses, you…”

The Great Elder discovered that he didn’t even know Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan’s names. But, calling his own disciples ‘misses’ was a bit strange.

Luckily, Mu Qianyu was extremely understanding. She said, “Disciple’s name is Mu Qianyu, and this is my sister, Qin Xingxuan.”

“Oh…” The Great Elder awkwardly said, “You ascended from the lower realms?”

These words were spoken because the Great Elder had no idea what else to say. When a martial artist arrived from the lower realms, they still carried extremely obvious characteristics with them to the Divine Realm.

“Yes.” Mu Qianyu nodded.

“Ah… well… it isn’t easy to ascend from the mortal realms. For you to be able to cultivate to an Eightfall Divine Sea realm in a place barren of resources like the lower realms already proves you have excellent martial talent.

In the blink of an eye, martial artists from the lower realms that were normally mocked and discriminated against were suddenly transformed...

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