Chapter 1195 – Lin Ming’s Ranking

Chapter 1195 – Lin Ming’s Ranking

Everyone realized what was happening. That’s right, according to how the competition was being held so far in the preliminaries, everyone had their own corresponding merit points. If so, this merit point ranking system could be expanded to the entire Divine Realm!

The previous ranking had been held within each great world, but now there was a ranking that encompassed the entire Divine Realm!

Of the 3000 great worlds, there were only several hundred thousand participants that were chosen to be on this ranking list.

To put it more accurately, there were only 300,000 people on this list!

On average, that meant that every great world had 100 people represented on this ranking list!

As the martial artists searching the Divine Seal Decree rankings realized this, they were all startled. A deep feeling of awe swelled up from within their hearts.

This ranking list was born from the 10 quadrillion geniuses of the entire Divine Realm!

What sort of overwhelming momentum was this!

No wonder it was called the Divine Seal...

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