Chapter 1193 The Heaven Defying Divine Dream Law

Chapter 1193 – The Heaven Defying Divine Dream Law

“9.11 million, he instantly surged up nearly 6 million merit points. Does this mean he killed a top 10 ranked master of a great world?”

Many Elders had such thoughts. If Lin Ming now had 9.11 million merit points and ranked 12th of a great world, that meant he should have killed someone in the top 10 rankings. If he killed one of them, that would increase his merit points by around 6 million.

This also meant that Lin Ming had the ability to kill a top 10 ranked master of a great world. Not just defeat, but kill.

Like this, Huo Violentstone’s prediction that Lin Ming would enter the top five rankings of the True Martial Great World before the preliminaries ended became highly probable!

Perhaps the top five might not even be Lin Ming’s limit.

Everyone looked at Huo Violentstone. But Huo Violentstone didn’t laugh raucously like before. Instead, he was stunned for a moment before thinking to himself, “Amazing, I was just jokingly speaking but it seems he really might pull it off.”


At this time, within the dreamland space, Lin Ming had already returned to his own residence in Immemorial Imperial City where he immediately closed up to train.

After cultivating to this point, whenever Lin Ming used the Magic Cube to unravel the Divine Dream Law, every step required him to use up dreamland energy. This was also the reason why he went out to hunt down Zhong Wenshu and Sacred Martial Mansion’s three prodigies.

“The divine dream marks are already saturated and can’t absorb any more dreamland energy. Does this mean I can open the third divine dream mark now?” Lin Ming thought to himself.

When he poured the dreamland energies of Sacred Martial Mansion’s three prodigies into his soul marks, he found that the two soul marks had reached an energy saturation point and couldn’t grow any further.

Lin Ming focused his mind and began to unravel the colored lines around the Magic Cube. He planned on forming the third divine dream mark.

The rainbow-colored light slowly poured into Lin Ming’s body. After passing through his meridians, the energy gathered in his soul. Slowly, Lin Ming could feel power rise within his body, as if there was some indescribable change happening to his soul force, causing it to slowly grow. This strange energy surged through Lin Ming’s meridians, gushing out from his acupoints and pores, dissipating into the air where it turned into rippling rainbow lights.

If someone were to rush into his chambers and also have a thorough understanding of the Divine Dream Law, they would see Lin Ming surrounded by countless rippled lights, each one of them a different color, all of them fantastical and beautiful like a dream!

The Divine Dream Law had the word ‘divine’ because every time it was used, it would be like the descend of a true immortal, with auspicious signs appearing everywhere.

This sort of feeling was amazing!

“My strength is increasing, but my cultivation isn’t following much; I still can’t break through to the middle Divine Sea realm. But my strength is increasing. Where could this extra strength be coming from? Could it be…?” Lin Ming thought to himself. Finally, he realized just how he was becoming stronger.

A martial artist’s body could hold only a limited amount of true essence and energy.

For a Houtian and Xiantian Realm martial artist, they could only store true essence in their dantian. For a Revolving Core martial artist, their revolving core crystal nucleus could compress true essence, so they naturally surpassed Houtian and Xiantian Realm martial artists. As for Life Destruction martial artists, their entire body would transform into a spirit physique that would allow them to store true essence all throughout their bodies. After reaching the Divine Sea, one could open their own inner world and store true essence within that world as well as gather the power of a world from within themselves.

Every boundary was distinct in its unique characteristics.

But regardless of how one cultivated, there was a common point between all of them. That was that the body was used to store this energy. Once one lost their body, they would also lose the ability to move true essence as well as the power of the world. For instance, even though Mo Eversnow once was a heaven-gifted genius who had been at the half-step World King boundary, after she perished and all that was left over was her soul form, it became impossible for her to move true essence. She could only rely on her understandings of Laws and her battle spirit to fight.  

To an essence gathering system martial artist, the power of the world and the power of true essence were their everything. Once they lost the ability to move energy, it was the same as a bird having lots its wings. Their combat strength would only be the tiniest fraction of what it once was. Currently, Mo Eversnow was only able to deal with the weakest of Divine Lord realm powerhouses.

Now, as Lin Ming cultivated this transcendent divine might that was created by Empyrean Divine Dream, he discovered that as he trained in it, he could actually use his soul to store true essence!

The true essence stored within his soul was transformed from the divine dream energy within this dreamland.

In the real world, a martial artist could absorb heaven and earth origin energy and transform that into true essence.

But in this Divine Dream World, a martial artist could absorb divine dream energy and transform that into true essence!

These divine dream marks were the manifestation of this condensed energy.

If true essence was no longer restricted to the body but had an even wider space to utilize, the benefits could be imagined.

In this way, a martial artist could increase the total amount of true essence they could store within themselves. For instance, although Lin Ming was growing stronger, he still couldn’t break through to the middle Divine Sea. This was the same as gaining extra strength.

In another way, if true essence was fused into the soul, this would make the soul even tougher and far more tenacious. If one were to encounter a situation like Mo Eversnow’s where she lost her physical body and only had her soul form, they could still display a far greater than normal combat strength by relying on their soul.

Lin Ming didn’t doubt that even if Empyrean Divine Dream didn’t use her mortal body and had her soul leave her body, she could still easily kill a Holy Lord, and even easily kill a Great World King!

It was on this day, after perceiving the Divine Dream Law for almost three months with the Magic Cube, that Lin Ming could see the practical advantages of the Divine Dream Law. Although he had many comprehensions at the start, he hadn’t been able to see just how the Divine Dream Law could be used in actual combat. But now, that all changed!

“If I could somehow enable Miss Mo to study this transcendent divine might, with her talent in addition to the Magic Cube’s help, she can still cultivate and even greatly increase her combat strength. There won’t be a situation where she might fall into a deep slumber if she ever tried to help me. Moreover, this transcendent divine might can even help strengthen her soul force and make it easier to reform her mortal body in the future. After reforming her body, she will even be far more formidable than she was in the past!”

Lin Ming was overjoyed when he thought of this. After co-existing for so many years, Lin Ming’s interests were inseparable from Mo Eversnow. He also held an extremely special and unique sentiment toward her. If he could somehow help her out even if it didn’t benefit him, he would be sincerely happy.

He wanted more and more to learn this transcendent divine might. For him, this transcendent divine might was no less significant than the Heretical God Force or the grandmist space.

Of course, it was unknown whether or not he could obtain this transcendent divine might. Everything would depend on Empyrean Divine Dream herself. Lin Ming suspected that the complete transcendent divine might that was being rewarded in this First Martial Meeting was likely not the self-created transcendent divine mights of Empyrean Divine Dream or Empyrean Vast Universe. Rather, it might be the inheritance of a long gone Empyrean that the two Empyreans obtained in some ancient ruins.

Although such a transcendent divine might was extremely precious, it still wasn’t what Lin Ming desired most.

“Whether or not I can obtain Empyrean Divine Dream’s transcendent divine might, I will need to make use of every second I have here to perceive the Divine Dream Law. If I can obtain the Empyrean Divine Dream’s transcendent divine might in the future, I can use this as a foundation to further my understandings. But if I cannot, I’ll need to focus my efforts on perceiving it myself.”

“The divine dream energy I obtained from hunting down Sacred Martial Mansion’s three prodigies should be enough to form the third divine dream mark. After this, I’ll have to search for more prey to accumulate more divine dream energy. Although I’ll probably end up offending some people and sects, there’s nothing I can do about that.”

Lin Ming didn’t fear offending anyone anymore. As long as he could obtain a top ten result within the entire Divine Realm of this First Martial Meeting, at that time, the attention of everyone would be on him. He would obtain the tutelage of Empyrean Vast Universe’s chief disciple and just what World King Holy Land would dare touch him then? It had to be known that Empyrean Vast Universe’s chief disciple, whether it was status, strength, or any other qualification, completely surpassed an ordinary Great World King in every aspect. Then again, killing in this dreamland space was completely permitted within the rules. Since it didn’t cause any true casualties, those that were offended could only live with it.

As Lin Ming thought like this he continued his training.

During this time, the three month long deadline finally arrived.

The first round of preliminary eliminations had begun!

Elimination rate: 99%!

This was an extra number that caused all ordinary participants to wallow in despair. After the first round of eliminations was over, all martial artists that had come to boost numbers would be wiped out, without a single exception.

Many martial artists waited for the fate of their upcoming judgment. Around noon, the entire sky filled with endless swathes of brilliant light. Whether it was in the cities or jungles, everyone could see the luminescent lights illuminating the skies above them.

Those around them, or even themselves, would suddenly collapse. Their bodies turned into sparkling motes of light that vanished into the endless nothing.

Some martial artists cried out in alarm as their bodies crumbled, but some martial artists already remained serene and calm. There was no pain as their bodies disintegrated. They only felt their consciousness blur, then their worlds turned dark.

In Immemorial Imperial City, more and more martial artists turned into motes of light that fluttered away. There were even streets where every single martial disappeared without a single one left!

In the Good Fortune World, out of 3 trillion participants, 2.97 trillion were eliminated, leaving behind only 30 billion participants.

A martial artist would dissolve into millions of lights. With almost 3 trillion martial artists melting away, this created countless sparkling lights that floated into the heavens like an endless wave of fireflies. As these lights flew into the skies, they formed river of stars that lit up the entire great world!

This scene was far too magnificent!

After a participant was eliminated their soul would be kicked out from the divine dream space. They would suddenly awaken, and without even the time to bat an eye, they would only feel further dizziness as their bodies were transported 10,000 miles away from the scope of the Divine Dream Light.

“Senior-apprentice Sister Yu! Are you alright!?”

In the Unbroken Cult, 3-4 core disciples that participated in the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting were shot out. They all only had Eightfall Divine Sea cultivations. For those that joined the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, if one didn’t have a Ninefall cultivation, it was nearly impossible to pass the first round of eliminations.

“I’m fine.” Senior-apprentice Sister Yu waved her hand, her face wan and clammy.

“What’s the situation inside!” The Unbroken Cult’s Great Elder hurriedly asked.

“There’s far too many geniuses!” Senior-apprentice Sister Yu said with some lingering fear in her voice. “There’s countless masters. Even Senior-apprentice Brother Yu had to be careful inside, lest he be casually killed. There’s far too many people that can kill Senior-apprentice Brother Yu in there!”

As the disciples of the Unbroken Cult heard this, all of them were left dumbfounded. To them, Senior-apprentice Brother Yu Youming was no different from a living god. But in the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, such a person was nothing but a trivial person.

“Senior-apprentice Brother Yu can probably pass the second round of eliminations. As for the third round, that might be a bit too difficult for him,” Senior-apprentice Sister Yu said.

Suddenly, within the skies, a massive change began occurring to that several million mile long golden scroll.


Everyone couldn’t help but look up into the skies. Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan also looked into the skies. They held onto a nearly infinitesimal hope that they could find that person they had been dreaming and yearning for all this time…

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