Chapter 1192 – Soaring Merit Points

Chapter 1192 – Soaring Merit Points

Out of Sacred Martial Mansion’s three prodigies, in an instant, the only one left standing was Sacred Yueping.

From the get-go, the fight had been extremely fierce and intense. But the entire process occurred within a very brief window of time. Every time Lin Ming fought with the three people, there was a violent and savage collision between them. Yet he had done so ruthlessly and without hesitation and the thickness of his true essence was mind boggling.

“H-he won?”

“The battle is over?”

The many participants present couldn’t believe their eyes. Although they expected Lin Ming’s strength might possibly faintly surpass the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion, they never imagined it would surpass them to this degree. They weren’t even on the same level. From start to finish, Lin Ming had simply rolled over them!

Sacred Yueping’s Time Laws were overwhelmed by Lin Ming’s higher level Laws, and Sacred Tianhao’s formidable defensive ability and Deep Earth Force Field were broken through with absolute strength. Sacred Yanran was fast, but she still wasn’t able to escape Lin Ming’s striking speed!

All the way until now, Lin Ming’s various combat aspects could be called perfect....

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