Chapter 1191 – Strength Surpassing a 100 Million

Chapter 1191 – Strength Surpassing a 100 Million


Sacred Martial Mansion’s three prodigies cornered Lin Ming from multiple angles. Sacred Yueping was flushed with anger, wishing that he could tear apart Lin Ming on the spot. As for Sacred Tianhao who was standing beside Sacred Yueping, he had a gloomy complexion as if he were dreading something.

“Lin Ming, right? That’s what those people from the True Martial Holy Lands called you,” Sacred Tianhao said, his words calm and even. He hadn’t exchanged words with Lin Ming before.

Lin Ming remained silent, tacitly agreeing.

“I heard you come from a Holy Land level influence and that your guardians are all on the Crimson Light World. You should understand the situation you’re in and what it means to your future in the True Martial Great World if you continue to oppose my Sacred Martial Mansion,” Sacred Tianhao threatened.

But as his words fell onto the ears of those present, this proved to them that Sacred Tianhao was afraid. Otherwise, why would he use his background to threaten Lin Ming instead of just killing him?

The three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion were gathered here, yet they were afraid of Lin Ming. Although that previous collision had a surprising result, everyone was still surprised to hear these words...

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