Chapter 1190 – Fighting the Three Prodigies (B)

Chapter 1190 – Fighting the Three Prodigies (B)

“He blocked it! This boy actually blocked such a strange and mysterious Concept of Time attack, it seems he has some skills.”

“He barely managed to block it. He is probably internally injured because he was struck by Sacred Yueping’s tenacious true essence. He won’t be so lucky next time. Sacred Yueping’s time enchantment will only grow stronger!”

“That boy is already quite skilled. Sacred Yueping is a peak genius of the True Martial Great World, I fear he is ranked in the top 30 geniuses of this great world! This battle proves that this boy is a worthy opponent to a peak genius of a World King Holy Land. I really have no idea just where he came from!”

The power within Sacred Yueping’s spear strike just now was obvious to all who saw it. In fact, in front of so many people, Sacred  Yueping wanted to instantly establish his own prestige with a single spear strike, but Lin Ming had managed to successfully defend. From this alone, everyone could feel that Lin Ming wasn’t some simpleton. At least, he wasn’t someone they could joke about.

“I don’t think we need to do anything; Second Brother can deal with him alone,” the tall Sacred Tianhao said. He folded his hands over his chest,...

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