Chapter 1189 – Fighting the Three Prodigies

Chapter 1189 – Fighting the Three Prodigies

Roar! Roar!

Several fierce nightmare beasts rushed out from deep within the canyon, jumping towards Lin Ming!

Lin Ming’s declaration of war not only attracted the many martial artists in Nightmare Canyon, but it also attracted many nightmare beasts. These nightmare beasts came covered in cruel looking barbs and their aura was sinister. These nightmare beasts were many times more wild and dangerous than the ones he encountered in the jungle.

Lin Ming remained motionless. The Phoenix Blood Spear struck out like a viper, easily piercing through these nightmare beasts’ foreheads.

Puff! Puff!

Several nightmare beasts crashed to the ground in their wild sprint, tumbling into a ball that smashed into a wall, causing blood to splash out.

The rock that was over a hundred times harder than steel was ripped to shreds.

“How fierce that person is!”

Many people commented as they saw how easily Lin Ming killed the nightmare beasts. This wasn’t something most of them could hope to accomplish.

“I know him. He’s that young man who bought the Boundless World Pill at the Imperial City Auction.”

“That’s right! He’s the person who bought the Boundless World Pill with 7 trillion violet sun stones. That price is simply insane...

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