Chapter 1187 – Goal: Nightmare Canyon

Chapter 1187 – Goal: Nightmare Canyon

“If this continues, maybe I can use these nine months in the Divine Dream World to rise to the middle Divine Sea realm. Moreover, the benefits to my soul and battle spirit I’ll gain here will be much greater!”

As Lin Ming realized this, he became overjoyed. With his current strength and cultivation level, he didn’t have any confidence in competing with an Empyrean descendant. Once he met a late Divine Sea Empyrean descendant, his chances of victory were even slimmer.

But if he could cultivate to the middle Divine Sea realm, that would give him a tiny fraction of hope.

But to do so he had to train and accumulate more and more divine dream energy. Lin Ming discovered that after he killed Zhong Wenshu and absorbed a massive amount of divine dream energy, he wa unable to use all of it. He could only make use of a tiny fraction of it; most of it dissipated.

“I wonder just what Empyrean Divine Dream’s complete transcendent divine might is like. If I could learn it, with the Magic Cube supporting me, my own strength and cultivation speed will rise dramatically.” Lin Ming thought to himself.

At this moment, he discovered that the two small tracker fellows were still alive. It was with a great stroke of luck the two of them had managed to dodge the explosive...

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