Chapter 1186 – Rising Ranking

Chapter 1186 – Rising Ranking

As Zhong Wenshu and Lin Ming were locked in combat, within the Crimson Light World, representatives of the four God Beast Clans were gathered together in a floating palace beneath the giant golden scroll. Several peak eighth-grade vassal sect influences accompanied them. They were conversing about the amazing festivity that was the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting.

At some time, beside Huo Violentstone, the Ancient Phoenix Clan disciple that was responsible for keeping track of the divine dream jade slip suddenly stirred, his eyes brightening. He quickly reported to Huo Violentstone, “Elder Huo, Junior-apprentice Brother Lin’s results have rapidly risen to 20,000. He is now ranked in the top 1% of the True Martial Great World.”

“Mm? 20,000?” Huo Violentstone mumbled. This brat was finally beginning to put in some effort. But, 20,000 merit points was still lacking.

In fact, after Lin Ming finally emerged from seclusion there was a massive number of high level nightmare beasts and participants with a high number of merit point he could kill. His merit points should have quickly risen at the start. After killing Zhong Wenshu’s several little minions, his merit points had instantly risen to 20,000.

But the further he went, the slower this would go. The key...

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