Chapter 1185 – Yin Yang Twin Swords

Chapter 1185 – Yin Yang Twin Swords

“Main course? Hahahahaha!”

Zhong Wenshu howled with laughter. “In all my, Zhong Wenshu’s years of wandering the True Martial Great World, this is the first time I’ve been treated as a dish! You are truly crazy! Do you think just because you have the ability to kill my subordinates, that also means you have the strength to pressure me?”

Zhong Wenshu’s anger had already reached the limit. He wanted to tear apart Lin Ming with his bare hands.

“Lin Ming, although I cannot kill you in this dreamland space, when this grand tournament ends, I will mobilize every single force I have at my Dual Polarity Palace to slay you. You are a nobody with so many precious treasures on you, just like a child holding a ingot of gold on the busy streets. Did you know there’s countless people that want to kill you? Even if you come from a Holy Land, your Holy Land is far away in the Crimson Light World, so how can they possibly help you here at the True Martial Great World? As long as there isn’t any evidence, the Ancient Phoenix Clan will have no choice but to stuff their grievances in their mouths. Even if they object, what could they possibly do to my Dual Polarity Place? Hahahaha!”

As Zhong Wenshu...

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