Chapter 1184 – Who Gave You This Courage?

Chapter 1184 – Who Gave You This Courage?

“How is it? Brother Huo, Nephew Lin’s ranking has finally moved?” A cyan robed old man with a pair of dragon horns and a long beard slowly spoke, a smile spreading on his face. He was an Elder from the Ancient Dragon Clan, and Huo Violentstone had a nickname for him – Laughing Dragon.

When the four God Beast Clans joined up, and when fully united, they surpassed even an ordinary World King Holy Land. But between the four clans was also an extremely fierce competition, each one hoping that their own people would tower over the other three clans. However, for so many years, every time the four clans competed, the one that always held the upper hand was the Ancient Dragon Clan.

When Huo Violentstone saw Lin Ming join the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, as well as Xiao Ping and Yan Littlemoon, old man Huo was proud and elated. He felt the time for the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s true rising moment of glory had arrived. He even begun to brag and boast in front of Laughing Dragon with great gusto.

But the result was that there was nothing to brag about, at all.

As Huo Violentstone burst into anger, Laughing Dragon was all smiles. He looked at Lin Ming’s score, his words clearly containing ridicule in t...

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