Chapter 1183 – Combat At Last

Chapter 1183 – Combat At Last

“What did you say? That little turtle Lin Ming who bought the Boundless World Pill has finally stuck his head out from his shell?” Zhong Wenshu smiled as he heard this news.

“Yes! Young master, the two people I found aren’t too strong, but in terms of surveillance they are absolutely some of the best! That little turtle has started hunting nightmare beasts in the jungle near the city!”

“Good! Well done!” Zhong Wenshu shouted out as his mood improved greatly. “It’s about time. Over two months have passed and that little turtle finally couldn’t hold it any longer and left the city. Hehe, the first round of eliminations is approaching soon. If he continued to hide in the city, he could only resign himself to being kicked out!”

“Since he came out, we might as well go and kill that turtle a few times. Although killing him won’t give any merit points, it’ll feel so good to do it!” Zhong Wenshu grinned. These days, all he did was hunt nightmare beasts. A month ago, he killed a few other trial challengers for fun and also because the merit points they gave were more than from killing nightmare beasts. What felt better than plundering all the hard earned efforts of others?

But as Zhong Wenshu gained more and more merit points, killing other ordinary participants was...

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