Chapter 1182 – Lin Ming Makes His Move

Chapter 1182 – Lin Ming Makes His Move


Within the Divine Dream World, Lin Ming sat on the stone bed, unmoving. For the last 65 days, he had been perceiving the Divine Dream Law.

At the start, the Law lines would only appear within a small space around the Magic Cube. But as Lin Ming slowly continued to deepen his understandings of the Divine Dream Law, these colored lines slowly expanded to a space of three feet around Lin Ming.

If someone stepped into this room, they would see countless fantastical beams of light fluttering around him, like beautiful translucent seven-colored fish.

At this time, Lin Ming opened his eyes. In that moment, a brilliant light flashed from between his eyebrows. This sort of light was the light of the soul. A person who didn’t thoroughly understand the Laws of the soul couldn’t see it. But even if then, their soul would still be burnt by the light from this soul flash. If their soul force wasn’t strong enough, their souls would directly be vaporized to nothingness!


Lin Ming gave a deep shout and the seven colored strands of light in front of him suddenly seemed to be grasped by some powerful strength. They were dragged toward Lin Ming by this strange power before slowly sinking in between his eyebrows,...

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