Chapter 1181 – Lin Ming’s Whereabouts

Chapter 1181 – Lin Ming’s Whereabouts

“Thank you, Elder!” Mu Qianyu hurriedly bowed.

Yu Feng grit her teeth, maliciously glaring at Mu Qianyu. She commanded, “Hurry up and say what you want!”

She spoke with a true essence sound transmission toward Mu Qianyu, “Once we return I’ll deal with you. You are becoming more and more impolite. Not even an inner court disciple can speak so rudely with the Elder. Luckily, Senior-apprentice Brother Yu’s results have put the Great Elder in a good mood. Consider yourself lucky, or you would have dragged me into your bad luck!”

Yu Feng’s words weren’t exaggerated at all. This was similar to many mortal countries, where a commoner was struck with 50 lashes if they dared to protest a case against a higher authority. Even if they won, they would still be exiled 2000 miles.

The world of martial artists was even stricter between low and high statuses. For an outer court disciple to request a favor from an Elder during such a serious occasion, that was a truly impolite form of behavior.

Mu Qianyu ignored Yu Feng’s threat. She clearly said to the Unbroken Cult’s Great Elder, “Reporting to Great Elder, this disciple’s husband may be participating in the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting. I hope I can use this chance to find my husband. I humbly request for Great Elder’s help!”

Mu Qianyu’s expression and tone...

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