Chapter 1180 – Ranking

Chapter 1180 – Ranking

“So they were merit points. That makes sense. But why do only a small number of people have numbers behind their names, and most martial artists do not?”

Although the golden scroll had many names with numbers behind them, this was because the scroll was simply too large. The names were densely packed together and seemingly endless. If one counted them, the number of people with merit point values behind their names were not even in the thousands.

“It should be that only those with at least a thousand merit points are displayed. Even for an Empyrean, wanting to constantly update the merit points of over 10 quadrillion geniuses wouldn’t be easy! Those with numbers but then vanished were likely people that crossed over 1000 before being killed by other participants or nightmare beasts. Finally, their merit points fell and they fell down the list.”

It was naturally impossible for Empyrean Divine Dream to constantly update the merit points of every single participant with her soul force. No matter how powerful her soul force was, wanting to simultaneously monitor and change the merit points of over 10 quadrillion geniuses was impossible.

What she relied on were the heaven and earth Laws of the Divine Dream World.

Everything within the dreamland...

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