Chapter 118 – Repairing the ‘Superhuman Strength Symbol’

Chapter 118 – Repairing the ‘Superhuman Strength Symbol’

Lin Ming’s level of inscription technique was fierce, but he was not omnipotent. Since he had never seen this inscription symbol before, it was impossible for him to fix this.

However, after pondering it for a moment, he sent a true essence sound transmission to Wang Xuanji, “President, I’ll give it a try.”

Since he had achieved the Third Stage of Body Transformation and his control of true essence had become stronger, Lin Ming taught himself how to use true essence to send a sound transmission.

“Mm?” Wang Xuanji was surprised. Had Lin Ming seen the ‘Superhuman Strength Symbol’ before? Even if he had, this ‘Superhuman Strength Symbol’ was an unusually complex one that was developed through Sky Fortune Kingdom’s school of inscription techniques. Even a great inscription master might not be able to draw it! Lin Ming was only 15 years old, how could he be familiar with its method of creation?

Lin Ming was indeed excessively talented, but Wang Xuanji still believed that there was no way that Lin Ming would be able to fix this ‘Superhuman Strength Symbol’.

“This is quite interesting. I’d like to see if Lin Ming is capable of repairing this ‘Superhuman Strength Symbol’” Wang Xuanji revealed a smile as he thought this, and then said, “Good, then give it a try.”

Lin Ming nodded, and that in the...

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