Chapter 1179 – Merit Points

Chapter 1179 – Merit Points

“Mm? The souls of many people are flying back…”

As Lin Ming sat in meditation, he didn’t even need to open his eyes to feel the soul energy that represented martial artists flying back to the city. This was the result of having perceived the Laws of the Divine Dream World these past days. Otherwise, as a common participant, there was no way he could see the trajectories of these souls.

“Many people have died. It seems these nightmare beasts aren’t easy to deal with…”

Lin Ming wasn’t surprised. This Divine Realm First Martial Meeting was specifically aimed at the peak geniuses of the Divine Realm. Those who couldn’t even reach Ninefall were doomed to be eliminated at the end of the first round.

Although this Divine Realm First Martial Meeting involved over 10 quadrillion individuals, it was actually extremely fair. There would be no case in which a powerhouse would be eliminated because they managed to get themselves thrust into a death group. There also wouldn’t be any weaklings that managed to pass because of some heaven-defying form of luck.

Occurrences of fraud wouldn’t occur either. Whether one was a peak genius of a World King Holy Land or a common wandering martial artist, no matter which of the 3000 great...

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