Chapter 1178 – The Slaughter Begins

Chapter 1178 – The Slaughter Begins

As the Divine Dream Light formed an enchantment that sent everyone to the divine dream space, and as a gold scroll blocked the endless blue skies, throughout the entire Divine Realm and throughout the entire Divine Dream World, the boundless and great voice of Empyrean Vast Universe echoed once more. It resounded like a great bell, ringing like divine drums, reverberating between the heavens and the earth, stirring the hearts of all.

“To the 3000 great worlds of the Divine Realm, the First Martial Meeting shall now commence!”

“It’s starting, it’s finally starting!” When the audience throughout the Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds heard this voice, all of them were filled with excitement. However, within the Divine Dream World, all of the participants felt their nerves tighten. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that this First Martial Meeting would be one of the most important events of their lives!

Lin Ming also heard this voice. He shook his head in regret. “It has finally begun. My comprehension of the Divine Dream Law has just started and is still improving. If I could have a few more months then that would be great!”

As the other participants were intensely preparing for this moment, Lin Ming was actually trying to unravel Empyrean Divine...

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