Chapter 1177 – Divine Dream Law

Chapter 1177 – Divine Dream Law

After understanding this, Lin Ming began to carefully observe the Magic Cube.

The seven-colored lights around the Magic Cube became increasingly brilliant, changing an infinite number of times between every breath of time. They were like a beautiful dream, ever-changing and ephemeral.

“These lines are…” Lin Ming’s mind suddenly shook. He recalled the mystical lines that were engraved into the chaos stones; these two types of lines actually shared a great number of similarities!

In truth, these lines represented the various paths that the source energy of the universe travelled in. In other words, if one wished to look at these in another way, they would be called Laws!

As Lin Ming realized this, he sucked in a breath of cold air.

“The seven-colored lines represent the Divine Dream Law that Empyrean Divine Dream established!”

Why were the chaos stones so precious? It was because they had the source Laws carved into them at the very forming of the universe. If one meditated and perceived them, that was equal to perceiving the Laws of the universe. Usually, those universe Laws had already fused into stars, space, time, and all living beings everywhere. Wanting to filter out those Laws and perceive them was easier said than done. One needed top cultivation methods and also...

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