Chapter 1176 – Change of the Magic Cube

Chapter 1176 – Change of the Magic Cube

True Martial Great World did not have an Empyrean level influence. Thus, the True Martial Holy Lands was the number one top influence of this great world, and those young disciples that came from the True Martial Holy Lands naturally left others feeling a sense of awe.

“Haha, you fellow martial cultivators from the True Martial Holy Lands must find this funny. It’s just some minor grudges.”

“I have heard that… the Boundless World Pill was taken away by some unknown youth with the last name Lin… so it was you…” The wheat-colored youth from the True Martial Holy Lands said as he smiled at Lin Ming. His every action and movement seemed to embody nobility, as if he were a prince. This sort of nobility was something that one was naturally born with.

Lin Ming remained quiet. Then, the wheat-colored youth slowly said, “Ancient Phoenix Clan’s… Lin Ming, if I’m not wrong.”

Lin Ming was surprised as this youth called out his background. In these past days, many people had tried to investigate and look up his background to no avail. The Divine Realm was simply too broad; wanting to investigate someone was easier said than done, even if he came from a Holy Land to begin with.

It was nearly impossible to use his name to search too. This was because in the Divine Realm there were...

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