Chapter 1174 – Miraculous Dream Laws

Chapter 1174 – Miraculous Dream Laws

As Lin Ming entered the enchantment world, he began to glance over all of the other participants around him. He discovered that most of them weren’t peak talents. In fact, most of the participants were eighth stage Life Destruction Divine Sea martial artists.

This was because Empyrean Divine Dream and Empyrean Vast Universe hadn’t laid down any rules stipulating that a participant had to have achieved a ninth stage Life Destruction to participate. As long as one was at a certain age and also at the Divine Sea then they could enter.

However, although there were many Eightfall Divine Sea masters, those that had the confidence to participate in this event were all the most extraordinary of the Eightfall Divine Sea martial artists.

In fact, in a large sect of the Divine Realm, a great portion of the disciples would have an eighth stage Life Destruction cultivation. In just one of the 72 branch palaces of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, Phoenix Cry Palace, they were able to choose disciples from a planet with over a billion people. Many Firebird Hall disciples – equal to outer court disciples – had an eighth stage Life Destruction cultivation.

But within eighth stage Life Destruction martial artists, because of various factors, the difference in strength was...

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