Chapter 1173 – Divine Dream World

Chapter 1173 – Divine Dream World

Mu Qianyu was startled upon hearing Qin Xingxuan’s words. Could Lin Ming be entering the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting?

There was really that possibility!

In Mu Qianyu’s eyes, with Lin Ming’s talent and tenacity, even if the Divine Realm had countless geniuses and Lin Ming was in the giant Ancient Phoenix Clan, he would still gradually bloom into splendor, becoming someone amazing. Then, there would really be a high chance that Lin Ming would participate in the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting on behalf of the Ancient Phoenix Clan!

If Lin Ming participated in the First Martial Meeting, would they be able to find him? After all, the Unbroken Cult’s Senior-apprentice Brother Yu Youming would also be entering the First Martial Meeting. Although he might be said to be going alone, the truth was that there would be a large retinue of people following him to dominate the scene. For such a grand event the sect would surely send some outer court disciples to handle miscellaneous matters.

“Xingxuan, no matter what, we still have to manage the medicinal field for these next few months. Senior-apprentice Sister Feng is harsh and likes to find problems where there aren’t any....

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