Chapter 1172 – The Burden of an Outer Court Disciple

Chapter 1172 – The Burden of an Outer Court Disciple

Old Man Good Fortune was a disciple of Good Fortune World’s Unbroken Cult. The reason that his nickname was Old Man Good Fortune was because of the world that he had come from.

As someone who led people to the Divine Realm, those he led naturally went to the Unbroken Cult and became their outer court disciples.

After Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan ascended to the Divine Realm, they had a faint feeling that it wouldn’t be easy finding Lin Ming in such a vast world. But when they truly reached the Unbroken Cult, they discovered that they had far underestimated the difficulty of their mission!

Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan had seen Fairy Feng, thus they were naturally aware that Lin Ming had been received into the Ancient Phoenix Clan as a disciple. This was the only clue they had to look for Lin Ming in the Divine Realm.

They had thought that as long as they found the Ancient Phoenix Clan, they would be able to find Lin Ming. But after entering the Unbroken Cult, they asked around and looked through a great deal of material, finally finding out that the Ancient Phoenix Clan was divided into 72 palaces, scattered all over the Divine Realm. And they didn’t even know which palace Lin Ming was located at.

Not just that, but to travel between great worlds – once the expenses and consumption of spirit ship energy were accounted for – required at least a million violet...

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