Chapter 1171 – Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan

Chapter 1171 – Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan

“It’s only a guess of mine; I don’t know for sure. I should have told you this, but Empyrean Divine Dream is an outstanding individual even amongst Empyreans. She is extremely mysterious and even the Empyrean level influence she created, Divine Dream Palace, is just as mysterious as she is. It is said that Divine Dream Palace only allows female cultivators to join, and there are only several hundred people there in total. Each of them is either superbly strong or superbly talented! Even if a Great World King were to go to Divine Dream Palace, they would still have to respectfully greet any individual there. They wouldn’t even dare to offend a junior!”

“Only several hundred people…” Lin Ming echoed, surprised. After ascending to the Divine Realm, he began to understand just how great and massive the sects of the Divine Realm were. The scales they were built to were enormous. Even the Ancient Phoenix Clan had a hundred billion clansmen, and the Ancient Dragon Clan even had a trillion clansmen!

Immemorial Imperial City’s Sacred Martial Mansion and True Martial Holy Lands were ridiculously huge presences here, and yet only a tiny part of their sects were located at Immemorial Imperial City.

And now, Mo Eversnow had said that Divine Dream Palace, an Empyrean level influence, only had a mere several hundred people....

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