Chapter 1170 – Leaving Seclusion

Chapter 1170 – Leaving Seclusion

Ka ka ka!

Within the dimensional realm, the giant cocoon shattered and Lin Ming emerged, standing on the wind. He was already wearing white clothes formed from energy, as white as snow and as untouchable as the heavens.

After breaking through to the Divine Sea, Lin Ming’s aura became even more concealed and a sharp light slowly gathered in his eyes, making him seem softer and gentler. If Lin Ming was a spear before, then right now he was a spear that was placed into a spear chest. Although he seemed ordinary, the truth was that his vast aura was hidden. Once it erupted, the earth would shake and the heavens would tremble.

“Lin Ming, enter your minor dimension!”

Mo Eversnow turned into a beam of light and sank into Lin Ming’s body. Lin Ming followed her, entering the minor dimension that had been opened within himself.

The scenery changed. The minor dimension that the two entered was barren with only the ground spread before them and calm skies above them. Within this world, all sorts of heaven and earth origin energy gathered together, wandering about and forming dazzling patterns in the sky.

This heaven and earth origin energy came from the countless balls of origin energy light that Lin Ming had absorbed when he reached the Divine Sea. These origin energy lights were now gathered in Lin Ming’s...

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