Chapter 1169 – Finally Stepping Into the Divine Sea

Chapter 1169 – Finally Stepping Into the Divine Sea

Training passed without sense of time. Unknowingly, three months went by.

Because Lin Ming displayed Heavenly Dao Judgment, there was a deficit of blood energy within his body. However, he had restored this half a month ago. According to the Celestial Tyrant Manual, the less blood essence one consumed, the faster it would regenerate. If one consumed a great deal such as 50%, then it might even take over half a year to recover. If one consumed over 50%, then not even the Gate of Life’s powerful life force restoring abilities would be able to completely restore it.

After three months, Lin Ming’s essence, energy, and divine had reached the limit. The inner world seed within him had shrunk to the size of a grain of rice and was verging on the edge of eruption.

The more concentrated the world seed was, the greater the explosive force would be once it erupted.

Hu hu hu –

In the dimensional realm, strong winds stirred. Endless heaven and earth origin energy gathered, forming a massive whirlpool-shaped origin energy cloud in the sky. The central focal point of this origin energy cloud was a 100,000 foot high crimson mountain peak. Lin Ming sat at the very summit of this peak, deep in meditation.

100,000 feet...

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