Chapter 1168 – Elementary Transcendent Divine Might

Chapter 1168 – Elementary Transcendent Divine Might

“Great! Awesome! Hahaha!” Lin Ming boisterously laughed out loud. At this moment, he felt an explosive power filling his body. His blood boiled within him, like a rushing river from an unleashed damn, surging with unlimited vitality!

To compare a thin and slender blood vessel to a river seemed exaggerated, but in truth it wasn’t at all. In the common folktales, when the greatest god of all underwent nirvana and remade the new universe, his body turned into all of life. His eyes became the sun and the moon, and the blood that flowed within him turned into rivers and oceans. Although this was only a legend, it wasn’t completely baseless. This was because if someone could obtain Lin Ming’s blood vessels now and refine them, they could create a river of flowing blood gushing forwards endlessly!

It could be said that Lin Ming’s entire body was now a treasure!

The supreme dragon bone had been fused into his bones, engraving runes onto the surface that recorded the Heavenly Dao Laws. His flesh was integrated with Law runes that contained the highest truths of the world. His blood and marrow were filled with phoenix essence, allowing him to communicate with heaven and earth origin energy with ease. His organs...

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